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News Archive: January 2004

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Beats of Rage Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 20:40
Posted over at the Consolevision

Beats of Rage was created by team Senile (that's us). However, the character sprites and some parts of the backgrounds are taken from 'the King of Fighters' games by SNK Playmore. Therefore special thanks go out to SNK Playmore and SEGA who unknowingly helped in creating this game.
The DOS, Dreamcast and Playstation 2 versions of Beats of Rage are fully completed, and can be downloaded from this site. The game is fully functional, includes music, and features six playable levels plus a bonus level.

for more info and to get the download here

there has been a high demand for this game and some sites (like have gone over there bandwith. In this topic in our forums i have listed mirrors for the game for download

Super Famicast 1.0 Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 1:09
Version 1 of Scherzo open sourse Snes emu for the DC, Super Famicast has been released. Head to his site for it here

Beneath A Steel Sky Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 1:05
DcEvolution has released a ready to burn CD image of the ScummVM game Beneath A Steel Sky. Extra features include:

- An introduction and background info of the game and there creators
- Controls and pictures on how to play BASS
- Preview screenshots of other compatible ScummVM DC games
- And... a complete walktrough.

head over to DcEvolution to get it

Whack-a-mole update Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 1:00
Thanks to for this news
Toastman has released an update to his Chip-8 emulator, Whack-a-mole. Visit his site for more info here

Thursday, January 29, 2004

More Icarus pics Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 16:29
After a long period of silence, ZeZu (a member of the Icarus team) has posted new pics of the emu running, and a message that its still being worked on!

for more info check out this topic in our forums here

Storm-Studios redesign Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 16:12
Storm-Studios, WH16 (Will Sams) website site has been redesigned by : )

it also has new forums!

head over to the site for some DC/P.C games, SDL examples or free hosting if your looking for some!

DC-Tool GUI 0.1 released Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 10:39
This was posted by fackue over at his Dreamcast Help site.

I have made a quick GUI for DC-Tool. This program will be usless you have a coders' cable or, if they work with this, a BBA. Here's a bit from the readme:

Since this is a first release, I tried to make it simple as possible. The current settings you're able to mess around with is the COM port (COM1 is default), and the upload speed (115200 is the default).

Hopefully I can make this thing a bit better once I get to know DC-Tool's commands some more. This is just a simple release designed simply upload the selected file without any DOS prompts.

for more info Dreamcast Help

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Programmer shortage at EA Canada Posted by TheGypsy @ 0:37
[I'm bumping this to the top again since EA is still actively searching for coders, and I therefore find this fairly important for many of our readers. Put a resume in there, people!]

It seems that despite producing some of gamedoms most beloved titles such as FIFA, SSX, James Bond 007 and Need For Speed, EA Canada just can’t find enough talented programmers, designers and technical specialists. EA Canada is located in Vancouver and doesn't usually have problems arranging work visas. Anyone fitting the bill and is interested in career progression, variety and attractive compensation all within driving distance to Whistler should click here for more info.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Plasma Sprite demo Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 0:16
Heinrich Tillack has released a small demo for the DC. this is what he says:
24.01.04: Plasma Sprite demo (KOS / Dreamcast). KOS and PVR Sprites!

Download Source/ELF from his site

Friday, January 23, 2004

DreamIce and DreamFreeze released Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 3:10
Over at CGgames Dev Dan Potter has post this:

After years and years of molding on my hard disk, I've finally taken the time to put together the various DreamIce-related pieces together into one archive. DreamFreeze is the DC-on-DC emulator I used to reverse a lot of early hardware support for KOS. This is mainly of historical purpose, unless for some reason you want to experiment with some SH4 assembly code in a nice controlled way or something. :) There's also a new program called DryIce included with it that runs SH4 code on a host PC with console interaction, designed for regression tests (hint, hint GCC :).~

get the downloads over at this site CGgames Dev

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

More DCastle info Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 19:55
Heinrich Tillack has revealed more info and a new screen shot on his new DC game DCastle. For more info vist the DCastle web page

DCastle web page

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Super Famicast - new SNES emu - pre-beta release Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 18:13
WHurricane16 posted in this topic in our forums, that Scherzo (author of NesterGP,a port of NesterDC to the GP32)
has released a pre-beta released (that plays a public domain rom very well) at his Website

This will be a open sourse emu, so that anyone can update it.

thanks to WHurricane16 for the news

Friday, January 9, 2004

Whack-a-Mole - Chip8 Emulator Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 16:56
This was posted over at ConsoleVision:

Toastman has released a tech preview of his Chip8 emulator for the Dreamcast. Here's what he has to say:

It's the technology preview of Whack-a-Mole, the Chip8 emulator for the Sega Dreamcast by toastman.

So far it runs fullspeed at around 60Hz.
You can't turn off the debugging information yet.
It only comes with the one game PONG2.
All of the Chip8 opcodes are implemented, it should play any Chip8 game out there. A couple of opcodes more before I can run Super Chip8 games on it though.
A controller is used to control the emulation:
A: Pauses the emulator
X: Toggles 'step mode'
B: Steps the emulator one cycle when in step mode
Start: exits the emulator
A keyboard is used as the Chip8 keypad.

Download: ELF - For serial/BBA only

llamatron style game competition Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 11:04
shahzad, the webmaster of pdroms, just sent me an email of his new competition, this is what he said:

Goal is to write a llamatron style game for one of these systems: Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Gameboy Advance or Dreamcast. Deadline is the 8th February (Sunday) 23:59 GMT +1. First prize is a Neo Geo Pocket Color with seven games. Rules can be found here:

Monday, January 5, 2004

VMoo - Mad Cow/Chao Edition Alpha 1 Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 16:23
DirtySanchez has ported Marcus Comstedt's VMU emulator to the Dreamcast. This is a Alpha release, for more info visit DirtySanchez website

The VMU crapy battery problem is now a thing of the past!

Friday, January 2, 2004

SmartBall Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 22:07
Over at the ConsoleVision forums, diwee has posted his first game for the DC. Its a Pong clone called SmartBall

Get the binairies @:
windows version :
Elf v. :
Unscrambled v. :
Scrambled v. :

this is the topic here

Alice update Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 3:25
Over at ConsoleVision. forums, patbier has posted more news and pics of Alice, in this topic.

This is the best looking homebrew DC game I have seen so far....

tUM*o3 competition is over Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 3:13
Dan Potter of CAgames has released his demo for the tUM*o3 competition. To download it or look at a few picts of it going, head to this topic

As Dan was the only person to enter the Dreamcast part of the competition, he won :)

for more info head over to Dreamcast-Scene

Thursday, January 1, 2004

2004! Posted by TheGypsy @ 18:50
Happy New Year, everyone!

Make sure one of your resolutions for 2004 is to finally release that game/app/util/demo that you've been saving up... :)

- John...