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News Archive: February 2004

Saturday, February 28, 2004

Super Famicast online; source code Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 21:06
WH16 (Will Sams) has stopped his work on a online version of the snes emu, Super Famicast. He says that if any one wants to continue it, go to this topic at He also said that he will try and help anyone who continues it.

Efe-Zero Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 21:00
this was posted over at ConsoleVision

Efe-Zero , the clone of F-Zero for PC and Dreamcast, has had two preview releases.  It's a rough demo, without collision detection or multiple racers, but the basic play mechanics are there.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

c99koder 3D House demo Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 20:24
c99koder has release a new demo, a FPS thing:

Ok, I'm finally happy enough with my little demo to show everyone! I've been adding some new effects to the DCBlap engine to eventually use it for my IT360 (Intro to computer graphics) project.

Here's a run-down of the new features:

Dynamic, colored lighting

Parallax sky texture

sin-wave animation effect on water

Scrolling textures

for more info, pics and the download go to his livejournal

Monday, February 23, 2004

Chikugoyaku release delayed Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 15:42
Metafox has posted this at CyberdogCastle

For various reasons, the Chikugoyaku release that was supposed to occur today has been postponed. I'm not sure of the date that it will be released, but I promise it will not be that long. postponed. I'm not sure of the date that it will be released, but I promise it will not be that long.....

for more info

Giana's Return: beta release soon! Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 15:01
After a vote in the forums, this news has been posted:

We've good, and we've bad news. First the bad ones. The poll has been heavily manipulated by some "extremly funny" guys. One of them is even posing about his actions on the GP32x Boards. Due to this reason we can't exactly say which platform get's the game first, BUT obviously, now the good news, many people are heavily intersted in this piece of work. Specially GP32 and Dreamcast users. We decided yesterday evening to release both, the GP32 and Dreamcast, betaversion soon. The betaversion will NOT have support for the GP32<->DC Link Cable yet, has no storyline AND will not contain the hidden Mini-Olympics games. Once the betaversion is out we hope to recieve lot's of bugreports so we can fix the bugs and pull out the -FINAL- version.

for more info

Sunday, February 22, 2004

Icarus: New team member Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 1:29
Felix, author of ChooDo, is joining the Icarus Dev.

for more info visit this topic in our forums

Thursday, February 19, 2004

SDL port: Cars Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 13:18
This news was taken from Consolevision :

GPF has ported the game, Cars to the Dreamcast. It is a simple Car racing game that uses SDL and stlport.

head over to Consolevision to download it here

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

DCCastle: more pics Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 17:05
More pics of DCCastle havev been revealed at A128 by Heinrich Tillack

also he says

BTW, here´s a patch for the KOS 1.2.0 PVR module that enables "Specular Highlights" in your vertices. You should submit OARGB colors that make sense for this kind of "Color Offset" feature.

you can see the pics and get the download of the patch from his site

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Mike Siecieska's Motocross Logo Contest Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 16:54
taken from ConsoleVision

Thanks to a suggestion by Maxidcgamers, Cyberdog Castle is holding a logo contest for Mike Siecieska's Motocross. The winner gets their logo used in the game, their name in the credits of Mike Siecieska's Motocross, $50, and a free Mike Siecieska's Motocross Dreamcast game. The deadline for the contest is July 28, 2004.

For questions or comments on this, visit Cyberdog Castle's new forums.

RADquake update Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 16:52
Reaper or Ian Micheal has posted a update to his Quake port to the DC.
for more info, visit his site

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Modifier volume and "cheap shadow" demos Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 12:19
Taken from A128

02.02.04-03.02.04: Modifier volume and "cheap shadow" demos (KOS / Dreamcast).

Demo shows Shadows and Light FX with "cheap shadow" modifiers, and what could be done with complex modifier volumes.

for more info here