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News Archive: November 2004

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The 2nd Annual Dream On Contest Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 11:49
Metafox posted in our forums:

The 2nd Annual Dream On Contest has begun today, just as last year's winner's Inhabitants and Maqiupai are gearing up for release. I was going to wait until the games were released, but I'd like to give a longer timeline for the contest this year, so I decided to start the contest earlier than anticipated.

The contest will begin today, November 10, 2004, and end in exactly a year on November 10, 2005. Due to popular demand, the contest is broken up in categories this year:

Main Competition:
This is the same as last year. All entries will be complete games, with original graphics, sounds, and music. The rules are stricter in this category - the games can have demo versions, but the full version must not be available for download. At least the 1st place winner will have a published game once again - depending on entries recieved 2nd (3rd and maybe even 4th place) may have their entries commercially published as well. The more entries, the better your chance of getting your game published! The non-published winners will be featured on an upcoming issue of Dream On magazine's demo disc.

Competition Division 2:
Unpolished games competition. This is to make up for the entries last year that were entered but didn't stand a chance to win due to the main prize being commercially published versions of the winners. The entrants of this division still need to have original graphics, music, and sound, but the games don't have to be complete, and they don't have to be polished. (though the more complete and polished, the better the chance of winning). All entries in this contest division will be included on a future issue of Dream On magazine's demo disc. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be featured games.

Cash and other prizes have not been negotiated as of yet, but they will be much larger than last year's prize.

Let's make this year's contest even more of a success than last year's, so that this contest may continue for years to come!