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News Archive: June 2001

Thursday, June 28, 2001

New mpeg player! Posted by CyRUS64 @ 18:57
I recently noticed that Florian Proff Schulze released a mpeg player a back in January... Here is some info from the readme file:

"This is my mpegplayer for the Dreamcast. It's based on mpeg2dec and libmpeg2 (

To use it, change the filename to your mpeg file in handle_args (main.c) and recompile.
To stop it, hold the startbutton of the first controller down for a while until the program exits.
Currently only the video output works, it's not synced and way to slow.
This thing is mainly to check out the YUV support of the PVR Chip and in the future I hope to make a fully featured mpeg player out of it.

Compile it as a KOS userland program (


You can visit Florian's homepage here

Monday, June 25, 2001

dcload-ip / dc-tool-ip 1.0.1 Posted by Stalin @ 23:46
AndrewK updated his nifty utilities. 100BaseT is supposed to be fixed (if I had an adapter I would test). Get it from his page:

Sega finally shipping v2.6 of the browser... Posted by TheGypsy @ 18:28
For those that were looking for a (legit) way to get v2.6x of the browser, it appears that Sega is finally shipping it to those that request an updated browser from their site:

Every month or two I request a new browser from them -- just to see what comes. In the past, it was always the older v2.0 disc. Today, a disc arrived with v2.62 of the browser on it.

Just wanted to share that -- since I know several were looking for a legal v2.6x browser disc a while back.

- John...

Friday, June 22, 2001

Offline & Bandwidth... Posted by TheGypsy @ 20:10
As many of you probably know, Boob has been offline for about a week. I was gone to Hong Kong (MANY thanks to Lik Sang's y2kode for that -- more details on that later!). In any case, I had very limited Net access while there and was unable to correct issues with the site. Just after I left, our provider complained about the bandwidth (we were pushing over 10GB per day) and, therefore, the site had to be shut down temporarily. As you can see, it is now back up. However, until I resolve some other issues, I have had to take most of the downloads offline. Therefore, you will find that many of the links in the User Tools and Developer Tools sections will not work at this time. I will let you know when they are all available again.

Note that my DCLinux ready-to-burn images most likely will NOT be back. I just don't have the bandwidth to support them. And, for some reason, people refuse to listen to my requests to not download more than one of the archives. As soon as they went up, there were many people downloading both ready-to-burn images (for Nero and DiscJuggler) as well as the original zip -- at the same time. It's a shame that the world is full of ignorant idiots.

More later...

- John...

Wednesday, June 13, 2001

DC Linux images back (but limited)... Posted by TheGypsy @ 14:01
I have put the DC Linux images back up. They are now available via FTP (and not HTTP) so that I can better control/limit the bandwidth on those files. There are user limits set. Therefore, if you get any sort of a "page can't be displayed" message when using a browser to try to access them, it is most likely because the maximum user limit has been reached so you'll have to try later. It's the best that I can do for now and will have to do. Here are the links:

Again -- remember to only grab ONE of those -- do NOT download more than one of those three files as it only wastes bandwidth.

- John...

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

DC Linux local copies removed... Posted by TheGypsy @ 22:09
Due to bandwidth/server issues, the DC Linux images have been temporarily removed for download. They will return after I have made some corrections to the server. Note that I will be out of town for most of the next two weeks -- so they likely will not be available until after that time.

- John...

DCLinux confirmed and local copies... Posted by TheGypsy @ 2:59
Since I've now had a chance to burn and confirm that the DCLinux distribution works, I've put a local copy up for easier download -- the main distribution site has been quite busy, and people have had a lot of trouble getting logged into the FTP server to download it. For those not very experienced with doing self-boots (and doing a bit of manipulation with bzip2 and mkisofs), I've done ready-to-burn Nero and DiscJuggler images, as usual. Everything is in the User Tools section.

- John...

Sunday, June 10, 2001

GNU/Linux on DC -- with X-Windows... Posted by TheGypsy @ 2:24
I don't like to post unverified news/downloads, but I am currently on a dialup connection for the next few days and therefore can't easily test the 77MB download mentioned here -- so, until I confirm otherwise, consider this probable, but not guaranteed...

It looks like some significant progress has been made in Linux on DC. The GNU/Linux on SuperH Project has announced a Dreamcast Linux Distribution. It looks like they had a booth showing off GNU/Linux running on the DC at LinuxWorld Expo/Tokyo 2001. The DC kernel includes support for:

  • Framebuffer device: 640x480 and 16bpp. They now have an X server running on the DC. (And, yes, for you emu fans out there -- XMAME works on it -- bah.)
  • Broadband Adapter
  • Serial Port (at /dev/ttySC1)
  • Maple Bus devices including keyboard, mouse, and standard controller

    You can find more information on the project here and can download the beta distribution here.

    When I have faster Net access, I'll do some testing myself just to confirm before putting up local images.

    - John...

    Wednesday, June 6, 2001

    Spiderette - A Card Game Posted by Stalin @ 3:58
    Joe Drago has released a card game for the Dreamcast. It is a form of solitaire called Spiderette. Get it from his page:

    Tuesday, June 5, 2001

    Miscellaneous Stuff Posted by Stalin @ 3:00
    Here is an article with old SEGA advertisements (I thought it might interest some people here):
    A supposed project to write an Atari 2600 emulator for the dreamcast:
    For those that don't read /. here is a new operating system for the dreamcast (does not do anything other than boot):
    Toodles DcDev HOWTO:

    This is some stuff I have been meaning to post for a while now. I finally got tired of the open windows in Opera so I got off my lazy bum and posted them.

    Monday, June 4, 2001

    NIGMA's back cover for DC Tonic... Posted by TheGypsy @ 15:55
    NIGMA did a nice looking front cover for DC Tonic last week and has now finished the back cover for those interested. Nice work, NIGMA!

    - John...

    New Version Of Nester DC Posted by Stalin @ 14:39
    This update has the following changes:

    • The sound is close to 100% perfect.
    • The game menu selection screen has been improved, but there is now a limit of 2048 (with a 128 character limit per name) roms per cd.
      The menu's look much better now, thanks to the artwork of Dave Arnold, who is also the webmaster of
    • Version 3 is noticably faster than Version 2.
    • There are new frame skip options.
    • If a game exists in the GAMES directory called GAME.NES, NesterDC will skip all intro menu's and run that game. This will lead to single game cd's that feel more like a real NES.
    • The source code has been released.