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News Archive: July 2001

Monday, July 30, 2001

MAMED Compatability List Posted by Stalin @ 4:11
Dave's Classics (I refuse to call it vg-network) posted a link to the following site that is an unofficial MAMED compatability list. Give it a look:

And on a side note - yes I know that I REALLY need to update the emulators pages but I haven't had the time recently. And oh yeah...there is going to be a new Tron movie :)

Sunday, July 29, 2001

MameD / MessD Posted by CyRUS64 @ 23:11
A new version of MAMED has been released, and a pic of MESSD running on the dreamcast has been posted.
You can get the new release and more info at the MAMED website.

Help out! Posted by CyRUS64 @ 8:36
We are now open for a couple of new news posters, so if you feel you would like to help out then please email me. We are preferably looking for people who are fairly deep into the scene, semi-well known, and possibly even do some coding themselves.

Also, if you feel you could help out here in any other ways then that is also much appreciated.

The main reasons for this is that over the next 2 months I am extremely busy myself, and so the small amount of time I do have free will probably be spent actually coding...

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Trade: My US PS2 for your Japanese PS2... Posted by TheGypsy @ 20:37
I am currently looking for a Japanese PS2 (model SCPH-10000, SCPH-15000, or SCPH-18000). If anyone is interested in selling one at a good price or trading one for a US PS2, please contact me. Thanks.

- John...

Monday, July 23, 2001

Ready-to-burn images of dc-load-ip v1.0.2... Posted by TheGypsy @ 19:50
I have just put up ready-to-burn DiscJuggler2 and Nero images of AndrewK's new dc-load-ip v1.0.2 that was released recently. There are IP-via-ARP (IP set to and static-IP (IP set to versions available in the Developer Tools section.

- John...

Sunday, July 22, 2001

dcload-ip v1.0.2 released... Posted by TheGypsy @ 23:37
AndrewK has released v1.0.2 of dcload-ip. This release fixes a bug with the dcload syscalls. There is no change to the dc-tool-ip client-side which is still at v1.0.1.

Local copies, as usual, are available in the Developer Tools section. The dcload-ip section of AndrewK's site can be found here.

- John...

Thursday, July 19, 2001

No more BBA at Sega Store... Posted by TheGypsy @ 19:24
Sega just confirmed to me today that they will not be getting any more Broadband Adapters at the Sega Store. They were removed from the web site and marked as "backordered" about six weeks ago -- and the phone sales people kept saying that they would eventually be back. Today, I was told that they simply do not have any plans to have them in the Sega Store again.

They also are no longer accepting telephone orders. People calling Sega Sales to make a purchase are now directed to go to the Sega Store website instead.

Looks like we're nearing the end of the hardware...

- John...

P.S. They did remind me that they "still have the Dreamcast consoles for sale!" heh...

Cyrus64's Boob! Boy Not Forgotten Posted by WHurricane16 @ 11:40
I always knew he wasn't finished with this, but many of ye' hast lost faith ;) CyRUS64 has begun work on rewritting his GB emu as of yesterday. I was going to wait for him to make an official post, but another site has let the cat out of the bag already ;) Course, you have to stay here at Boob! Dreamcast Research to get the full scoop and updates. Check out Boob!cast running the main menu here.

New Versions of MAME DC and MAMED release!!! Posted by WHurricane16 @ 10:06
Isn't it great Christophe Thibault and James Sunrise are working together :) Thibault's MAME DC is now at version 0.3 has some nice new additions:
- cd swapping code should be fixed (thanks to James Surine)
- James also fixed a small bug in the sound code
- zip support fixed! put all your zipped roms in the /roms/ folder
- looks like some roms HAVE to be zipped otherwise they won't work
- added bubble bobble, bombjack & contra drivers!
- second controller support
As for Sunrise has release 15 different packs! As like MAME DC, the swapping code is fixed. This build should be selfbootable, unlike the release that was made on JUL 18 :(

Check out Thibault's MAME DC ver. 0.3 and source code here.
Check out Sunrise's MAMED here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Phoenix by Joey v0.4 released (plus correction)... Posted by TheGypsy @ 18:19
We apologize for some confusion in the news regarding Joey's Phoenix emulator two days ago. Just to clarify, it was Joey's Phoenix emulator that had v0.3 released two days ago. "DCPhoenix" (by PointBlank) is still at v0.5 and has not been updated since April. Our apologies to Joey and PointBlank for any confusion generated.

That being said, Joey has just released v0.4 of his Phoenix emulator, which now supports the TA -- allowing for 640x480 at the same speed as the previous versions' 320x240 mode.

Additional information and a local download can be found in the Arcade Emulators section.

- John...

2 mame for dreamcast releases! Posted by CyRUS64 @ 12:00
First up is MAMEDC, and here are the features of this release:

"Some games work at 100% framerate, others are slower.
Supports the following drivers: PacMan, Arkanoid, Super Qix (bootleg), Psychic5, Pang, Super Pang, Ghosts'n Goblins and Commando.
Sound support (Thanks to James Surine)"

Secondly there is MAMED, but this has only been released in klf format and there are some fairly long instructions to read before trying to use this one. It does seem to run quite a few games, has sound support and uses the ta for rendering. (the latter two MAMEDC also has)

Hence i'd advise "newbies" to go for MAMEDC since it has precompiled selfboot images for you.

MAMEDC homepage
MAMED homepage

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

New Phoenix release Posted by CyRUS64 @ 12:18
Joey, the author of DCPhoenix, has released a new version of his emulator!
Here are the improvements in this release:

"I have fixed the graphics bugs in my phoenix emu. Everything is working really well now and it is either running at the full 60fps or very close to it."

The archive contains the source and bin/srec/elf files, and can be found in the Arcade Emulators section and the Developer Tools section.

Monday, July 16, 2001

Emulators Pages Posted by Stalin @ 4:40
I split the pages up a couple days ago as some of you may have noticed. You may have noticed also that the downloads on these pages were broken. I have just fixed them and all should now be well. Soon I will add new emulators to the pages that have come out since the last time emulators were actually added to the lists. Things are getting up to date around here. -- Stalin

Sunday, July 15, 2001

New Project Posted by CyRUS64 @ 20:40
Go to this page to check out a new project i've been working on...

Smeg News Update Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 9:51
Heliophobe the great author of Smeg a work in progress Sega Master System Emulator has updated his web with this:

The selfboot problem has persisted so I've given up on it temporarily.
Today I ripped out my arm7 sound core and replaced it with a new sound core on the sh4 side.I spent a lot of time optimizing that core, only to find it too slow and buggy for my needs. The DC's ARM is just to slow to be used to generate audio streams in most circumstances, so I've put it to use manageing sound buffers.Anyhow, most sound problems have been solved. Space Harrier sounds right again, Alien Syndrome plays sound, the gaps in sample playback have disappeared, and the sound emulation doesn't get stuck anymore.

To find out more visit here

MameDc Site Update Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 9:42
Christophe Thibault the author of MameDc has updated his site with new screenshots and cd covers for you to look at,go here to look at them.

MAMED Update Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 9:26
Straight from the MAMED website comes more news of this very promising Mame Emulator for Dreamcast:

Update. I've fixed the color problem, we now have keyboard and joystick input. I've added sound, the game menu and option menu are working, you can quit a game and play another, the speed is very good. I have a build with about 500 drivers in it and most of them appear to be working. I am doing a little Beta testing right at the moment, Christophe Thibault of MAMEDC says it works "works very very well" and even runs contra for him, a special thanks to him, his source code to mamedc saved me a bit of time for a couple of things I hadn't bothered to finish yet. I'll see if I can get that's sound support fixed up for everyone.
to find out more go here

Saturday, July 14, 2001

SMS Plus! beta 7 released Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 8:02
Ss_teven has updated his site with this news:

Okay, I decided to release this after I couldnt fix up sound that much. Dont forget this _is_ beta software, so there are bugs, and it is slow, but it works. I dont know how to self boot this, or even if you can self boot this, so dont ask me.Master System games have a wide-screen effect, which i quite like, and I probarly wont change. I did stretch the Game Gear screen, and it was ugly, so now its the default size, in the center of the screen. Also im not sure if 2 player support works or what, you tell me :D.

Here's whats new to beta 7:
Games actually playable!
Game Gear rom support
2 player support
fixed 32bit memory align
removed faulty GUI, added in new one
removed all commandline optimizations
sound support
supports upto ~2000 roms on a CD
tile accelerator now used (doesnt really speed it up thou)
Next release should have better sound support. this _IS_ beta software still ;)
If your interested in this beta release of this emulator click here

MAMED Update Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 7:46
This was posted on the site a short time ago:

It's Alive! OK what does this mean. It means I should be able to get the full MAME running on Dreamcast under KOS. It means you will be able to play all those MAME games, well at least those that will run in the limited RAM of the Dreamcast. I still have a bunch of work to do but hopefully it won't be too much longer before I can release a full working port of MAME for Dreamcast. It will be a bit klunky to set up at first but I'll do my best to keep it painless. No, it's not MAME32 but that's like asking me to port MacMAME to the dreamcast which is a really stupid question, you want MAME and you are going to get it...and that's all that matters.

Fantastic news 2 mame ports being worked on at the same time,to find out more and offer words of encouragement go here

Sintendo News Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 1:13
Sin the author of Sintendo a Snes Emulator posted this news on his forum:

I'm still working on my computer... sort of. Between my personal life and work, I don't have a whole lot of time, but I'm trying. I have to get my floppy drive working again, which (only because of lazyiness) is my worst obstical at the moment. Then I have to install all that programming crap and do some code tweaking. At the moment, Sintendo is only partially working, only because I was working on the bitmap displays and currently that code still crashes. Upon removing that, however, Sintendo should work relatively well at least as you guys are used to it. It's still slow but now it saves with almost fully functioning menu services that make saving relatively understandable. Even still, a little work needs to be done and a few other menus need to be added. When I get all my programming stuff installed, I'll put up (for anyone who's interested) a demo of Sintendo with saving at it's current state. Afterward, I'll finish up my work and work on getting a release up.Much thanks to all you loyal followers and I only hope I can continue to maintain your attention and loyalty in the future.

To find out more go here

News from Turrican2k DcDev site Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 0:53
Turrican2k has updated his site with 2 snippets of news.First off he is releasing a KOS Tile Accelerator Tutorial and the other thing he is doing is in his own words:

I have started my first (non lib) project. The project shall remain nameless for the time being, although I will say that it is a clone of a popular game. Supporting members are crt0 and |joey|. KOS and the TA are being used for the engine.
UPDATE: crt0 has nearly finished his collision detection and my graphics engine is almost done.

Very interesting,Want to know more go here

New Phoenix Emulator for Dreamcast released Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 0:14
Joey the author of this new emu for Dreamcast has released 2 versions of his emulator in the last week
Joey's Phoenix Emulator Version 0.1 and the news for that release was as follows:
Today i decided that i was far enough along in my phoenix emu to go ahead and release it. It currently has no sound support and no gui, you just play the game but it works fine at that. It seems to be running at near full speed, maybe not quite 60 fps, maybe more like 50 but it is still fairly fast for being written in pure C. This release isnt meant for people who just wanna play games, if you want to do that get DCPhoenix, this is for the coders,

and then the second release which was today featured this version
Joey's Phoenix Emulator Version 0.2 ALPHA (full speed with no frame skipping but there are gfx errors) and the news for this version is as follows:
I have been working really hard trying to improve this emulator and get it running at 100% full speed. I have been working on implementing store queues to transfer from bitmap to bitmap and it is very fast, i can get it full speed but i get gfx glitches,I have tried and tried to get it working perfectly but it just doesnt want to so i have decided to go ahead and do a release of where i\'m at so far and maybe one of you talented programmers out there can help fix the bug. The bug is either in my store queue function or one of the video functions, ive tried everything i could think of but i cant fix the problem.If you can fix it please let me know.
To find out more and download this work in progress emulator and if you can help him go here

Friday, July 13, 2001

MAMED for Dreamcast News Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 23:54
The author of MAMED has posted a news update on his site with news of MAMED progressing for the Dreamcast:

Things are progressing, I have the code running now right up to just before emulation starts. It crashes right afterwards but the roms are loaded and everything is initialized. There is no input yet (keyboard or joystick) and the code is riddled with debugging code but hopefully those little pesky pacman ghosts will appear soon. Yes, I know the color is all screwed but who cares at this point anyways. Thanks for all the nice supportive e-mails, and as for all those nay say-ers on the boards....don't bother downloading it when it's done.

You can see screenshots and more news here

Mame for Dreamcast ver 0.1 released Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 23:29
You read right a Mame Emulator for Dreamcast has been released.
Obviously this is a very early work in progress emulator but these are the features already supported:
Some games work at 100% framerate, others are slower.
Supports the following drivers: PacMan, Arkanoid, Super Qix (bootleg), Psychic5, Pang and Super Pang.
More drivers work but they are untested for now.
Basic (and buggy) sound support!
VERY unoptimized for now
Christophe Thibault is the man who is doing this emulator and our thanks go to him for his work,to find out more information on this emulator go to the site here

Thursday, July 12, 2001

SMS Plus News Posted by WHurricane16 @ 4:48
SS_teven has made some progress in his Master System/Game Gear emu project, SMS Plus!:

"Wow, thought this would be a big pain in the ass, but i did it, (it only took me 3 hours !! :D), Sound has been added, its a little choppy right now, and you gotta turn the TV up loud to hear it , but its Sound! :D hehe"

For more update's on this, and his other projects, check out his Devcast site. ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Interview with Atani Posted by CyRUS64 @ 19:05
The second interview of the day comes courtesy of Atani of Atani's software.

You can read it here

New Interview! Posted by CyRUS64 @ 14:29
Boob! has conducted an interview with D.Finck, the author of DCSI. (DCSI is a Space Invaders emulator for dreamcast)

You can read the interview here.

Sonic Adventure VMU Chao Editor Posted by WHurricane16 @ 13:03
Found this interesting news this morning. Alessandro Sanasi has developed a kick butt Chao Editor for Sonic Adventure:

"Since the Chao Black Market on the Sonic Adventure Gamepage doesn't work for me (probably because I have the European version of the game) and because the info about raising Chao that you can get from the Chao Doctor usually is of little to no help, I have decided to write my own Chao Editor, which I now want to share with the world. :) Hope you all like it."

Read the instructions and download the VMI file from his site.

KallistiOS 1.1.0 Posted On Sourceforge Posted by WHurricane16 @ 11:14
Well, developers, Dan Potter has recently posted KallistiOS 1.1.0 for Dreamcast and Gameboy Advance on SourceForge. Here's what he had to say:

"For those of you who are familiar with Linux-style version numbers, the KOS version numbers will follow the same conventions. See the README for more details. Most importantly, the 1.1.x series will be an
unstable/development series. Expect things to be broken and/or not
complete. However, it seems to function quite well in library mode and
OS mode is somewhat usable (though not entirely yet). Userland is not
included nor is lwIP. Those will be updated in another release and it
should be back to the level of 1.0.0 again as far as usability.

I've tried to make this as painless as possible. I know a lot of people have kind of moved away from KOS and stayed with libdream because it's so simple, but I'm hoping that this release will convince you to switch =). That or use Absolute whenever that comes out. (Die, Libdream 0.95, die!! =)"

What are you waiting for dev'ers, go check Dan Potter's and Jordan DeLong's project here.

[Update from The Gypsy: Local copies for download are now available in the Developer Tools section.]

Tuesday, July 10, 2001

B00B! logo t-shirts and such now available! Posted by TheGypsy @ 22:52
Due to popular request, we have decided to make some B00B t-shirts and mousepads available for purchase. B00B certainly does not exist to make money -- that has never been our intent and never will be. As most of you know, advertising is strictly forbidden at BOOB and any of the sites hosted by us. This will, of course, continue -- you will never see banner ads or popups or other such garbage at B00B or any hosted sites. We therefore will only announce something like this in the News -- and provide a link to it -- as opposed to trying to force it down your throat like some other site might do.

Any money made from the sale of these items will be put into resources to help with future DC hobbyist development (both inside and outside of B00B). If you are interested in helping, please feel free to purchase a shirt. If not, that is fine too -- we won't be going away or anything even if no one buys one!

You can check out what is available here.

If anyone has any suggestions or artwork for additional items, email me. I am assuming that there is not any interest in something such as a GypPlay shirt -- if I am incorrect on that, just let me know, and I'll see what I can do.

- John...

IRC Java Client for access to #boob on EFNet added... Posted by TheGypsy @ 0:18
Due to popular request, I have added a Java-based IRC client so that people can use their browser to get to #boob on EFNet. Of course, I recommend that anyone that possibly can should instead get a more fully featured, platform-specific browser. Using a Java client should probably be your last resort. That being said, you can find a link to the new Java client on the Contacts page or get to it directly here.

- John...

Monday, July 9, 2001

MAMED Port Posted by Stalin @ 23:08
James Surine has updated his page with some progress on his port of MAMED to the Dreamcast. MAMED is his port of MAME for Digita OS based digital cameras. He has been working on porting it to the Dreamcast and has updated his news page with a screenshot. -- Stalin

Atani Adds a New Forum To His Site Posted by WHurricane16 @ 12:34
Atani, the developer of DCGenerator for the DC, has added a new forum to his message boards. Go there and register to discuss his projects and show your support. Check it out here, and don't forget to check out the rest of Atani's Software's forums.

Site Updates Posted by Stalin @ 0:39
Wow! I have updated the links and emulators pages. On the links page I removed the links that did not work, added more links, and alphabetized them (I only messed with the Development sites). On the emulators page I did a whole reworking of the html (it was a mess), updated what was out of date, and removed emulators that just have no point (they don't exist and never did). I intend to add all recent emulators to the page and also reorganize the page; I may get to that tonight but I doubt it because I am burned out on working with the html (I don't really like it but can do a little bit of it) but it will be done soon. -- Stalin

Sunday, July 8, 2001

Nesterdc news Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 20:23
The NesterDc site has been updated with this"We finally have a working version of the Nero image for NesterDC v3! Also, I FINALLY wrote up a burning FAQ for all you who are having trouble."
To find out more go here

SMS Plus! progress Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 20:02
Ss_teven has updated his site with this news"SMS Plus! has progressed quite far in the past day, after not working on it for over a week I decided to clean up some code, and then changed a few settings, and BOOM! Full Speed (almost), 2 player support, full screen (almost). I then cleand out a few more bugs, and many games became playable, I didnt have many ROms to test it out with, but all the games i did have worked :D
No scanlines too, colours are perfect, i musta spent over 2 hours playing sonic :D, Sound support is my next priority... so watch out :D A beta may come out in the next few days.. maybe..."
That is great news ,to find out more go visit the Devcast site here here

Small SMEG News Update Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 0:30
Heliophobe author of the Sega Master System Emulator for Dreamcast which is called SMEG has posted a news update on his emulator,here is what he says"I was originally just going to solve this selfbooting problem and release v0.81 right away, however, I became aware of a couple more bugs, as well as some feature requests that would be easy to add. So I'm going to do a bunch of these in one fell swoop. None of it is any major problem, right now all I need to do is just find the time and sit down and do it, which would almost certainly be sometime this weekend. If all goes well there should be an update within the weekend, or if not, within a day or two after that.Meanwhile, please don't attempt to selfboot the existing version anymore, unless you have CDR's to spare... or at least, give up if it doesn't work for you after a couple tries. I feel guilty that people are spending $25 in blanks before they get a working version. If you'd like to use this version instead of waiting for the next, consider using DCHakker (aka boot menu) as a loader."
To find out more go here

Saturday, July 7, 2001

DreamSNES VMU Test App Posted by WHurricane16 @ 22:42
The Dream SNES team has come up with a test program for all those pesky saving problems from version 0.9.4 of their popular Super NES emu. Here's what Peter Bortas had to say:

"If you had problems saving with 0.9.4, try this app, and speak up if still doesn't work. If you don't you will not be able
to save in the next version of DreamSNES either.
If saving worked for you in 0.9.4 you are still welcome to test this, but I'm most interested in reports from people it has failed for in 0.9.4. When you make a report, please state if saving worked for you in 0.9.4."

Download this from our local files:
Tar archive
Zip archive
DJ3 archive

Atani Sheds Some Light On His Projects Posted by WHurricane16 @ 3:58
Atani, of Atani Software has shed some light on some projects which includes his Genesis/Megadrive emu (DCGenerator) and a RPG:

"...emu loads and resets on startup for unknown reasons as of yet. still waiting for parts to arrive from MAXIM-IC so i can complete my cable... Another new project from my old bbs days is resurfacing... The first full featured game from atani software... no name yet..."

"Note that the game will not be distributing the source code or binaries of the final product if size is over about 5MB (likely)... I will have low prices for cost of cds and shipping for those who want to get it..."

He's also looking for file mirrors. Look for more updates at Atani Software.

Friday, July 6, 2001

Sintendo Closer To New Release Posted by WHurricane16 @ 20:32
Sin, the developer of Sintendo, had this to say on his about his whereabouts and the status of his SNES emu:

"I'm still quite arround, I even have an update to post on the site. Unfortunately, I've reformatted and seem to have lost my password. I'm still working, though I've taken a little bit of time off due to personal life, the problems I reported ealier are a matter of the past and Sintendo is still on it's way towards release. I've also made it selfbooting using CDRECORD, and I'm going to see soon if I can do it using DiskJuggler. I'll try to post as soon as possible."

Promising news, Sin. Everyone else can show your support to the guy by visiting his message board. Thanks to Sophinnara for the news ;)

Libimage v.0.1 Released Posted by WHurricane16 @ 20:09
SS_teven, developer of SMS Plus, has released Libimage v0.1. Libimage is a image loading library for use with Libdream. Currently, you can only view JPEG/DBP/DCP/BMP images with it. Other formats will be included in later releases, and look for the source to be released after the next release. Find out more from his Devcast page. ;)

MultiPac for Dreamcast Released Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 12:23
Another late one but a goodie.The MAMED website has released this emulator and this is what they had to say"Announcing Multipac for Dreamcast.It currently runs under KOS and requires the command line keyboard interface to select the game rom and has no sound."MultiPac is an arcade emulator featuring support for various games such as pacman.To download it and find out more information visit here

[D]Colem 0.99 released Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 12:15
Yes this is rather late but i thought i would fill you in anyway ;).
Marc Dietrichstein has released ver 0.99 of his great Colecovision emulator for Dreamcast.He also has announced two other projects he is working on and they are:
oddDC-which is is a port of O2EM the only Odyssey2 (G7000 in Europe) emulator and Virtual VCS for DC which is a port of the first Atari2600 emulator ever : Virtual VCS.
To find out more go to the [D]Colem website here

Dreamcast ADX plugin ver1.1 for Winamp Released Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 11:50
Rob Diehl has released an updated version of his plugin for winamp here are the changes:
Switched to bero's C decoder
Volume increased
ADX recognition compatibility increased
Source code asthetics improved :)
Source code is included
To download the file click here.

Thursday, July 5, 2001

B00B! Interview with Tubooboo... Posted by TheGypsy @ 21:53
dc_emumaniac has done yet another interview. This time with Tubooboo, author of ngine-snes9x for DC. It is available here:

B00B! Interview with Tubooboo

Thanks go to Tubooboo and dc_emumaniac.

- John...

DC Hard drive? Posted by WHurricane16 @ 10:43
One Japanese college student's project is every gamers dream. See Core Magazine article for more on this fascinating achievement. I can't wait to find out how to set one up for myself ;)

Find out more straight from the Japanese source here. Thanks Jim McQuillan for the link ;)

An OpenGL Project Ported to the Dreamcast!!! Posted by WHurricane16 @ 1:08
Crt0, the programmer who is porting Doom to the DC, is taking a break from his project to find out more about developing for the DC. Last weekend, he found out that OpenGL sources could be ported, he has been hard at work finding more about this. Well, today, he found out alot. It took him an hour to get Lunar Lander 2000 compiling and running on the DC (and about 3 hours to fix the bugs ;) ). Download the plain files from this page from his Doom dev site for now. The Lunar Lander 2000 download is the first download in the list on that page. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Smeg news update Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 0:33
Here is the news straight from the Smeg Website
"I'm about 90% certain that I know the cause of the selfbooting problems, it's one of two things: Either the instruction cache needs to be invalidated (but it doesn't seem that the other boot loaders do this), or I need to manually set my stack, and certain CPU registers, as DCHakker, DC-Load, and the other file loaders set the stack to sensible values, whereas it seems the DC BIOS does not. Either way, if I am correct it should be a simple thing to fix.
Expect a v0.81 release in the near future (hopefully tomorrow) that should fix the selfbooting problem as well as the double image you get when you adjust the vertical screen position on a televsion."
To read the rest of this update go here

Tuesday, July 3, 2001

Site layout changes... Posted by TheGypsy @ 13:29
We are trying a new site layout/design to try to make things both a little more pleasing to the eye and, more importantly, a better way to get information to you. The new "recent files" section on the right will help get people to the latest things in the news. This will allow me to reorganize the Tools and other section to be sorted by category instead of by date as they are now.

In any case, you'll likely see more tweaks and changes as we try to make the site better for everyone. Thanks go to Stalin for most of the current redesign!

- John...

Monday, July 2, 2001

B00B! Interviews... Posted by TheGypsy @ 22:10
dc_emumaniac has recently completed two interviews with hobbyist Dreamcast developers: Chris White (author of DCPhoenix) and Brian Peek of Ganksoft (author of NeoPocott DC and DreamPac). B00B wishes to thank Chris and Brian for their time in these interviews as well as for their overall contributions to the DC Development Scene. Thanks also to dc_emumaniac for contributing the interviews.

B00B! Interview with Chris White
B00B! Interview with Brian Peek

- John...

Quick note... Posted by CyRUS64 @ 13:54
Regarding the new Sega Dreamcast Browser 2.62, although it states that it is only available in the US or Canada, I ordered one and wrote in my UK address (and said that I lived in the US to satisfy the form???)and somehow it still turned up at my door today, so for those of you who live in the rest of the world, it may be worth trying this method, and you never know your luck...
UPDATE: Just tested it, and the disc doesn't actually work, presumably due to Region Protection (even on a Browser disc!), but I guess i can legally modify the ip.bin to work on a pal dc.

SMEG v.0.80 Released! Posted by WHurricane16 @ 12:32
Heliophobe, the author of the Master System/Game Gear emu SMEG, has finally released a beta that actually play some games. Here's the features:

-File Browser (improved, can browse subfolders)
-Game Gear compatibility improved somewhat
-Screen position and size adjustment
-Paddle controller support (with analog stick)(somewhat improved)
-Region selection
-Cycle-accurate sound logging (AKA Sample playback)(VICTORY!)
-Added support for the right nonscrolling pane mode (as used by Golvelius)
-Game Gear Emulation (not comprehensively tested yet)
-Second controller support (just had scan func_codes from maple.c manually)
-VMU Directory reading (first part of sram/option save)
-Fixed the three sprite issues I've been putting off fixing.
-Fixed another sprite bug I had overlooked, involving sprite to sprite priority (affected Action Fighter)
-Added hardware collision detection, should be pixel perfect but I should probably write an SMS test application.

Heliophobe couldn't get it to self boot last night, and here's what he had to say:

"And I have no idea why. The only idea I have is that the 1st_read.bin is too big, but it doesn't seem like it'd be big enough to make a difference.

So, I've uploaded what I have, but you'll need to have access to a Broadband Adaptor or a coder's (Serial) cable and the appropriate tools, as well as a rom disc. If you'd like to try to make it selfbooting or loadable witha boot loader, be my guest... but I can't guarantee you won't be making coasters. If you -do- get it to work PLEASE TELL ME.

I'll pick up with this tomorrow, hopefully I'll figure out what the holdup is."

So, if you have a coder's cable or bba, enjoy. We will have to wait until someone selfboots this or if he can get it to work. For now, download it from his site here/

Sunday, July 1, 2001

Hey Hey Posted by WHurricane16 @ 20:41
Hi! I think most of you guys know me from another site and multiple message boards. Yes, it's that Afro-American Yank WH16 here at Boob! Dreamcast Research. For the next few days, we'll all be thinking up some new ideas to make this site more enjoyable. I can tell you this: Boob!'s has bigger and better days ahead. Well, on with the show...

P.S. Let's get the forums rocking! If this is your first time visiting the site, register and say hello. Hello ;)

Welcome from dc_emumaniac and Emu News Posted by dc_emumaniac @ 18:08
Hello im dc_emumaniac and ill be helping out quite a bit on this site,Ill introduce myself first i have been into the Dreamcast Emulation/Development scene since just after Boob started a year ago it is my honour to bring you news as fast as i hear it and also i would like to thank Cyrus64 for this position.:)
On with the News yesterday seen the release of DreamSpec a Spectrum Emulator for the Dreamcast by BigBoy which is now on ver v0.0005 to find out more go here/
Also soon to be released this weekend the Sega Master System Emulator Smeg by Heliophobe to visit his site go here

General Stuff... Posted by CyRUS64 @ 14:06
I'd like to welcome dc_emumaniac who is going to help out with emulation news / adding new content to the site etc...

Also, I'd just like to say that if anyone feels that they can help out here in any way, or would like to be hosted by us (, then they are welcome to email me or TheGypsy.

You can also come and visit us in #boob on efnet for help and/or dreamcast discussion...