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News Archive: September 2003

Monday, September 22, 2003

flxplay lib Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 12:12
This has been taken from onethirty8's site on Storm Studios

I've recently been invited to join Storm , and the first thing I've got for you coders out there since joining is this lib I've been working on for playing flc animations with SDL. It's based on flxplay 0.2 by Jasper Berlijn . I'll work on cleaning it up a little bit since there's some stuff that's not needed anymore and the way I have it now you can't loop animations, and I'll work on some examples in the near future, but here's what I've got now. I'll probably use it in my next game as well if I find the time to actually make flc animations. =)

for more info click here
Update "A new improved version of the FLXPlay library is available."

Thursday, September 18, 2003

The QNX Dreamcast Project update Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 16:39
The QNX Dreamcast Project has been web site has been updated with news about the latest progress of this attempt to port the OS, QNX, to the Sega Dreamcast.
for more info click here

ljsdcdev Demo 5 Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 1:33
This has been posted on the CSV main page:

BlueCrab has released a new version of his work-in-progress RPG engine, ljsdcdev. Here's the changes:
One usable magic, in and out of battle (Cure)
A message box. ("Nothing interesting here.....")

for more info visit his web site.

Monday, September 1, 2003

The Misadventures of Crystala and Tido Posted by CyRUS64 @ 9:50
WHurricane16 linked to a page containing info and some preview screenshots on his and Dreamgamer's new game The Misadventures of Crystala and Tido, a 2D-style overhead shooter/Gauntlet clone. Check it out here.