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News Archive: October 2001

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Happy Halloween! Posted by TheGypsy @ 5:00
Happy Halloween, everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Boob!cast Posted by CyRUS64 @ 15:47
A brief Boob!cast update can be found at the Official site. Since I don't have much free time atm, I thought I may aswell post some sort of progress news...

Sad Times for Sn00zy Posted by wraggster @ 1:13
One of the great devvers in the scene Sn00zy will be taking time away because of recent happenings for which we all are very sad to hear of,on behalf of everyone can i say youve been the best mate and please come back soon when things in life seem better.

Please post your greets to him HERE

Monday, October 29, 2001

BleemCast MGS and Tekken3 reviews and screenshots UPDATED Posted by wraggster @ 1:41
It seems that the links to these reviews went down yesterday so i must give big thanks to NgEmu for mirroring them locally and giving all those a chance to read them .The MGS one is HERE and the Tekken3 one is HERE

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Smeg Compatibility Site Update Posted by wraggster @ 21:42
Jaagaadelic posted this update on his Site :

We are now hosted by Consolevision, so there are no more banner ads and pop-ups :).There has also been some additions/changes to the v.84 Master System results for the following games:
F1 Championship
Phantasy Star (all of the versions)
Thanks go out to the Cyber_pod team and The Biz for these changes.

DCGEN News Update and CD/DVD covers needed Posted by wraggster @ 21:28
The forth coming Genesis emulator for Dreamcast DCGEN will shortly become a reality and the author is looking at you the great fans of the Dreamcast scene for his official Cd and DVD covers :)
So all you great artists come on and show your skills and have your covers as the Official DCGEN covers,to the winner he/she gets an early beta of this great emulator.
Please post your covers HERE

DCGEN is coming along real nice now full speed,nearly full sound and Atani is working hard on it as i speak, so all the best of luck to him from all the real fans of the emulation scene.

Saturday, October 27, 2001

BleemCast Metal Gear Solid Mini-Review and Screenshots Posted by wraggster @ 0:06
It is my great honour to show all the fans of the Dreamcast Emulation Scene and Bleem!,a mini review and screenshots of Bleemcast MGS

The Bleem! Team have done a brilliant job with this emulator and to see it is to believe it, with all the software companys letting the loyal Dreamcast fans down its nice to see someone supporting the great Dreamcast console.

Thanks to Hyper Gamer for the review and screenshots :)

Friday, October 26, 2001

Boob! Covers Central updated Posted by wraggster @ 23:31
T-Money has updated Boob! Covers Central with this news:

Well, 6 days in between updates, not too shabby don't you think? Ha ha. Anyways, CACTUSJOE03 from ConsoleVision just sent me his NTSC CD Nester cover. I uploaded it and put it up for viewing in the Nester section. Check it out! Its some great quality stuff! Great job Joe, look forward to some more from you buddy! I also put the PAL CD template that Krillin did and posted news about not too long ago and put a link and preview image in the Tools section of the site. Be sure to check it out, because we are in some dire need of PAL covers guys!

Go check the site out HERE

Thursday, October 25, 2001

C16/Plus4 on Dreamcast ? Posted by wraggster @ 22:17
In news taken from Vintage Gaming Network, it seems a new emulator is coming to our beloved Dreamcast:

" Yep, at long last I'm about to start putting Minus4 onto the Dreamcast. This should be very cool. Frame rates should be 100% of the actual machine, scrolling etc. should be nice and smooth, just like the original! And best of all, it'll come loaded with TONS of games! Right from bootup! Any of you that follow the Dreamcast emulation scene, should look at DreamSpec, this is the path I'll be following. Easy to use, and plays games straight from the box! All you'll need is a Dreamcast, and a CD Burner. Stay tuned for more as it happens! I'll post piccys and news as I progress. "

Go to Mike Dailys site HERE

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Posted by CyRUS64 @ 19:31
Bitmaster's site is now back up... He has now converted his ISA adaptor into PCMCIA, and I know that a few people on the forums were interested in this.

Anyhow I found this (slightly old) news on DCGrendel's site which can be found here.

SarienDC Posted by CyRUS64 @ 14:35
Along with a FAQ for their products, Ganksoft have provided some info on the next version of SarienDC, a Sierra AGI interpreter for the dreamcast:

"SarienDC is still an active project. We are working on save support but are waiting both for KOS to become a bit more stable in that department, as well as Sarien itself to become a bit more stable. Some of the Sarien developers are working on some new saving code. When things are working a bit more smoothly in those departments we will have a new version for everyone. There may be a version in between to clean up a few fixes, but that has not been finalized as of yet."

Anyhow feel free to head over to the Ganksoft Entertainment site.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

FrNES Update Posted by wraggster @ 23:51
Regex updated his Site with this news:

Spent most of Saturday working on the PPU engine... preprocessing is working just fine in a standalone context... background is almost done, hopefully I'll get the time to test and debug background by the end of this weekend. Fixed priority problems in the existing renderer with a noticeable slowdown. I had made a really fast build I made earlier this week as a product of my work optimizing cache lines. Hopefully once the ASM renderer is done then I can match that build or even surpass it... Castlevania was running 60fps with sound... Doh... :D

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Snoozy`s New Projects News Posted by wraggster @ 20:31
Snoozy has updated his SITE with this fantastic news:

Today I started the development of some new libs. (for use with libdream):

DBP (Dreamcast Binary Picture) I'm planning a major update, including compressed images, transparancy, memory preloading, graphic effects (dissolve, fade, etc ...) I will also change the DBP format to more compressed, so a fullscreen image will only take 34K instead of 900K in this release.

DBV (Dreamcast Binary Video) I will create a lib with basic video playing capabilities,so you can add animations to your own creations.

DBS (Dreamcast Binary Sound) I also discovered the need for a sound lib, so I will implement basic sound playing capabilities in a lib, so you can add nice sound effects,instead of only having some S3M files playing in the background ;-)


That is fantastic news :)

Boob! Covers Central updated Posted by wraggster @ 13:07
T-Money has updated the Boob! Covers Central site with this news:

Well just a little update here. I uploaded a DVD cover of Neopocott as well as a DVD cover for DreamAmp. Hope you guys like 'em.

So keep submitting those excellent CD and DVD covers to the premier site on the net for Dreamcast Hobbyist Covers.

To visit the site click Here

Saturday, October 20, 2001

Dan Potter News Posted by wraggster @ 3:59
Dan Potter Updated his site with this news:
First off, a big thanks to all the people who have been sending me patches and stuff for consideration to be put into KOS. It's really helping since I don't have to code everything myself now. ^_^; I'm sorry if I haven't gotten around to checking your patch and/or putting it on the tree yet, I've been so busy lately that I have barely had time to sleep right. Anyway, I'm going to try to catch up fully this weekend.

Second thing, I have decided to mention that CA has a small project (which may become a medium sized project) that we just wanted to announce without saying what it really is, just to infuriate the Boob guys. =D Think of it as this month's "surprise project" (or more likely, next month's). I already have a fairly decent amount of the core code working, so I don't feel bad mentioning it. It's NOT an emulator, BTW. =P ,I think that's about it. If you haven't been following KOS CVS, and you use KOS, you really ought to start =). We've had a lot of really awesome additions since 1.1.4, including a new matrix multiplier that speeds up KGL by about 40%, alpha-blended polygons in KGL, fixes for sound stuff, a new 2D video system, and more.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Ready-to-burn images of Shuffle and Othello Posted by TheGypsy @ 20:44
Due to various reasons, I was unhappy with the existing ready-to-burn images for Snoozy's Shuffle and Othello games. Therefore, I did up my own Nero5 and DiscJuggler3 images of them...

Othello Info & Downloads
Shuffle Info & Downloads

Hope they are useful to those of you that need them...

- John...

SAD NEWS From Atanis Site Posted by wraggster @ 17:49
Atani has updated his site with this very sad news:

Attn all, All projects are now officially on hold until further notice... Due to unforseen circumstances yesterday source was lost for all projects which were not available via CVS. Currently BlissX/BlissDC are the only ones which are not totally lost... I do have a backup of the sources but the sources i have (most havent changed) are from around january... Yes i know really bad not to backup more often...SegaEMU, Generator32, DCSemu, DCGenerator, etc All source code lost. :(
I am going to start over with SegaEMU and hopefully in a few weeks/months we will have some news about this project and others..

As you can tell thats 3 projects for the Dreamcast Scene affected (maybe more)
BlissDC- an intelevision emulator for Dreamcast
DCGenerator- a megadrive emulator for Dreamcast
DCSemu-an unknown emulator for Dreamcast

I wish Atani all the best and hope he can rebuild his emulators and get his projects running again,please post your thoughts in the forums on his site HERE/

Bleem! news... Posted by asher @ 15:20
Heres a bit of good news from Bleem!direct. They will now start shipping across the world. Thats cool to hear, now I can finally order a copy :)

You can read more about it here:

- Asher.

IPSend version 2 Posted by CyRUS64 @ 13:03
This was very kindly sent to me by Stuart Clement, the author, about a week ago, and I mistakingly forgot to post it, but better late than never.

Anyhow, here is what's new in version 2 of this win32 frontend for AndrewK's dc-tool-ip command-line client:

"It now supports all functions of dcload-ip version 1.0.3, it also has all files embedded into the exe, so there is no need to download any other files, it will drop all required files the first time its run, I wrote this because I want to get into DC dev but haven't had the time - and anything that can save me time is a good thing..
Again it needs the dc-load-IP slave with an IP of, it still does the arp for you, but in regards to a suggested IP, it takes your computers IP address and adds one to it, I tried to make it a little more friendly for people who aren't sure on these sorts of things."

Download it from the Developer Tools page.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001

Othello for Dreamcast Released Posted by wraggster @ 23:04
Snoozy one of the great Devver`s on the Dreamcast scene has released his Version of Othello a board game for Dreamcast, here are some features:

A 2 player mode as well as computer AI for the 1 player game. There is also rumours of one or two easter eggs found within the software. See if you can find them

Mega news in a week full of great news!
Downloads (DJ/Source)
Snoozy's Site

[Updated by CyRUS64 - Local downloads now up]

Boob!cast Posted by CyRUS64 @ 2:41
I will announce updates for Boob!cast when I make breakthroughs or significant additions to the emulator.
In between an extremely busy real-life I have now gotten to the stage of having a fully working single-pass dynarec engine for the sh4, which will provide me with the opportunity to add in further layers of optimization to further improve the emulator's speed in the future. I will now concentrate on getting the emulator to the stage of running a large majority of kos apps, so that it can then be released to interested developers for aiding them in debugging or coding applications for the dreamcast. At this time I will not be concentrating on getting the emulator to run commercial games.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Bleem!Cast News Update Posted by wraggster @ 23:11
Bleem! have updated their site with this great news:

You're looking at the first discs of bleemcast! for MGS and TK3, hot off the presses, tested, and ready to go. They've been running all night and should be completed sometime tonight.Packaging begins tomorrow and should take about two days, but we're taking whatever they finish, as they finish it. If possible, we hope to start getting orders out tomorrow, but will definitely have product to ship by Thursday..

Thats brilliant news for emulation fans and also gamers who want to play PSX games but way enhanced on the Dreamcast.Thanks Bleem!

Thanks to Consolevision for the newstip.

Monday, October 15, 2001

DC SMS Author Sayten Interviewed Posted by wraggster @ 21:09
pSyCo has interviewed Sayten the author of the work in progress Sega Master System Emulator for Dreamcast called DC SMS.
To read the great interview Click Here

Sms Plus! private beta released Posted by wraggster @ 20:45
Business sure is picking up,Ss_teven has sent out a private beta of his SMS emu Sms Plus!
To find out more click HERE

Releases Posted by CyRUS64 @ 19:33
SMEG v.0.84 has been released by Heliophobe. Here is some info on this release:

"As I have mentioned elsewhere, this release will not incorporate all the changes I was hoping for (particularly, VMU support is still absent). However, it is definately an improvement over V.80, and this time I am making working DiscJuggler and Nero images available."

Downloads of DJ/Nero/Plain Images
Official SMEG Homepage

LaserDC v0.16 has also been released by ss_teven and can be download from his site here. Quite a few games are supported in this release such as Space Invaders and Star Wars, so go check it out.

Congrats to Heliophobe / ss_teven for these nice releases.

Shuffle self-boot image... Posted by asher @ 14:26
I just got this info from Snoozy, from his email:

"Just this little email that Shuffle (DC sliding puzzle game) is available as a selfbooting DJ image on my site Also note that I'm currently working on a DC version of Othello. Glyphix is put on hold for a few weeks, because I lost my 'DC devving feeling' due to my carcrash, and I decided that I had to start with something simple
to get back that 'feeling' ;-)"

A small note to everyone, please do not hesitate to send us little news tid-bits from time to time.

- Asher.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Interviews Site! Posted by wraggster @ 10:43
It is my honour(as well as a shameless self plug) to announce the opening of the Wraggsters Interview Site .It is my wish to interview not only every Emulator/Development Author in the Dreamcast Scene, but to extend to the mainstream emulation scene as well.

Please visit and give me your opinions etc.

Boob! Covers Central Updates! Posted by wraggster @ 3:46
Sorry for missing these but there are 3 updates that havent been posted so here they are:

11 October 2001 -
As I promised, I got my UNesterDC Covers up. They're in the NTSC CD cover section of NesterDC. Go check them out. They are the covers for the ConsoleVision Edition and tie in real good with that version of UNesterDC. Goto ConsoleVision and pick them up! I'm also hoping that within the day, I will have my cover set of DreamAmp done, completed, and uploaded. So check back later for that. Well that should be it for now. Outtie.

11 October 2001 -
Well I know it's been a while since a "proper" update so here you go, theres a bunch of new covers added, namely Nester, Dc64, Dc2600 and SarienDC. Things have been a bit quiet on the covers front in the past couple of weeks, but is now picking up with lots of additions by Javex and MetaFox. Keep on posting your covers on the Boob! Covers Forum and if you have made any covers please take some time to check if they're on the site, if not please let us know. We want this site to continue getting even better. 'Til next update guys.

10 October 2001 -
Hey all, just a little update to let you know that we are not dead or on our deathbeds! It's been quite slow as of late, but hopefully that will change here soon. I'm working on a few new covers, one for DreamAmp, and another for BoobBoy! and I do have a cover set of the ConsoleVision Exclusive UNesterDC about 90% done as well. So hopefully by weeks end I wont be too tied up to upload and post them. In a bit of unrelated news, I got the main part of me new website up. Its mainly going to be a depository for my artwork and some sketches that I have done in the past. So if you like the work that I've done on some of the covers and the sig pics I've done for people check it out! Although be forewarned, there isn't much on it now, but I'm going to go work on it as soon as I'm done updating the page here as well. *takes a breath* so what are ya waiting for, get over to [][]T-MONEY GFX[][] now!

Please remember to submit those covers to the Boob! Covers Central/ team and if you wanna join them let them know, the more help the better.

AndrewK interview! Posted by wraggster @ 3:39
Today it is my honour to interview AndrewK who is one of the top devvers in the Dreamcast homebrew scene.His work which includes DCLOAD-IP 1.0.3, is used by most devvers in the scene.His website is here
To read the interview Click Here

May i thank AndrewK for his time and also WHurricane16 for his help with the questions.

Saturday, October 13, 2001

Special last Dreamcast! Posted by asher @ 11:51
IGN DC while conducting an interview with Charles Bellfield from SEGA, told IGN that when the last shipment of Dreacmast goes out this December, the very last box will contain something very special. CB did'nt release any more details except that it will be *very* special. You can read more about this here:

- Asher.

Friday, October 12, 2001

UNester v3.0t5-pre5 Posted by ss_teven @ 3:20
Takayama Fumihiko has released a new version of UNesterDC (unofficial version of NesterDC)

Here's whats new:

  • Porting unofficial Nester CPU/PPU Engine. (fix dq[12] sound)
  • VMU code bug fix
  • System code bug fix
  • FDS support (works but not playable)

    You can find the files and more information at his site here.

    Thursday, October 11, 2001

    DXM DX-module player library released... Posted by TheGypsy @ 16:10
    Lars Olsson has written and released an XM-module player library for the DC. It was a work-in-progress that he never got around to polishing up, but had decided to release instead of it never seeing the light of day. Check it out in the Developer Tools section if you are interested in a decent ARM-running sound/music player.

    - John...

    Ogg Vorbis version of Ghettoplay Posted by ss_teven @ 5:03
    Thorsten Titze has created a Ogg Vorbis version of Ghettoplay. Ogg Vorbis is a format similar to Mp3 which allows one to play compressed audio.

    He said that he just wanted to test out this new beta of the library, and hopes to get the cleaned-up source code of sndoggvorbis to Dan Potter this weekend.

    Thorsten also said that he will also put up a Discjuggler selfboot image soon so that everyone can test it for them self.

    You can find the files on his site here.

    Tuesday, October 9, 2001

    iKOS Release 0: Dimitri Build 6 Posted by ss_teven @ 11:58
    DCGrendel has released a beta-build of iKOS for Dreamcast, here is what he had to say:

    I built a new null-modem from spare parts, and got a new tested build up. Please note this is a beta-like build and doesnt include the extras like gldemos and sources.

    It can be found at DCGrendel's site which is located here, or follow the direct link here.

    This is an amazing program DCGrendel has released, and I highly recommend you all downloading it and testing it out for your self. This build comes with:

  • KallistiOS shell
  • JAM Desktop environment
  • DoomDC

    Monday, October 8, 2001

    dc-tool/dcload-serial v1.0.3 released... Posted by TheGypsy @ 20:06
    AndrewK has released v1.0.3 of the serial version of his dc-tool/dcload loader. The main new feature of this version is that it now has proper baudrate changing. This means that there is just one version of the slave disc for both 57600 and 115200 baud. The slave now always starts at 57600 and the client (dc-tool) can then tell it to switch to 115200 for the transfer. Very nice for those of you struggling with support for 115200 -- since it is now easier to switch back and forth for testing the two speeds -- and because there are now ready-to-burn images available for you (before I only had ready-to-burn images of the 115200 version).

    In any case, you can read more about it and grab the local copies from the Developer Tools section.

    We send thanks to AndrewK for continuing to support the DC hobbyist development scene...

    - John...

    Interview with Regex author of FrNes Posted by wraggster @ 18:05
    My interview for today on behalf of Boob! and Consolevision is with Regex the author of the ever improving Nes Emulator for Dreamcast called FrNes.To read the interview click HERE and please discuss this emulator Here

    sidctest Posted by CyRUS64 @ 10:43
    Thanks to Paul Boese for emailing me about a project he is currently working on:
    "I've released a hacky little test program for the DC that shows what I'm starting to work on. It'll end up being a 3D space invaders type of shoot'em up eventually."

    "It contains a couple of simple 3D objects that were created using Blender. You can use the analog stick, D-pad, and L/R triggers to move, zoom, and rotate the objects. It's all done with Kallistios of course with the new GL stuff. You can get the source and elf."

    You can check this project out and download the test version at Axlen's Place.

    Sunday, October 7, 2001

    KOS 1.1.4 Posted by CyRUS64 @ 12:45
    Dan has posted KOS 1.1.4. This is what he has to say about it:

    "If you're doing any development using KOS, I highly recommend getting this release unless you're already using the CVS release, especially if you're doing anything with threads."

    Download (Sourceforge)
    Release Notes / Change Log
    Cryptic Allusion

    Interview round up 4 big ones :) Posted by wraggster @ 10:30
    I have a total of 4 great interviews for you to read as part of my ongoing series of interviews with all the people who have contributed so much to the great dreamcast scene on behalf of Boob and Consolevision ,so here they are :
    Bob Thayer from Ganksoft interview is HERE
    Gonzo author of OddDc,Dcolem and Dcs2600, his interview is HERE
    Snoozy author of Shuffle and Glyphix his interview his HERE also we havent seen him for a long time after the car crash he was in so on behalf of everyone in the scene i wish him the best of luck and hope he comes back soon, i have also made a topic in which you can express your thoughts to him HERE
    The final interview is with Lienus the author of Dreamamp which can be found HERE

    Saturday, October 6, 2001

    Press Release from Bleem! Posted by wraggster @ 22:02
    This hot press release from: The Bleem! Team

    bleem!DIRECT ONLINE STORE CREATED TO COMBAT SONY RETAIL THREATS first to offer new bleemcast! titles for Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 3
    LOS ANGELES (Oct. 5, 2001) In response to thousands of frustrated gamers who have been unable to buy bleem! products in their local stores, bleem! co-founder David Herpolsheimer this week launched Bleem!Direct ,an online-store dedicated to emulation-related is the first store to offer the highly-anticipated bleemcast! for Metal Gear Solid and Tekken 3 titles, and offers a discount of $1.00 off each CD pre-ordered through this weekend. The new bleemcast! titles are currently in production and are expected to ship as early as next week.

    bleem!DIRECT was first conceived earlier this year, when Barnes & Noble-owned Babbages, Inc., the nationís largest specialty-software chain, joined forces with Sony Computer Entertainment to pull bleem!ís products off the market. At Sonys ìrequest, Babbages removed bleemcast! for Gran Turismo 2 from its Babbages, Software Etc., Funcoland and GameStop stores, in spite of strong public demand and over the objections of its own customers and store personnel.

    When Babbages threw in with Sony, we lost half our market, literally overnight. We knew we had to find another channel to meet consumer demand,said Herpolsheimer.By forming bleem!DIRECT as a separate company, it lets bleem, inc. concentrate on what it does best ñ making great software and gives bleem!DIRECT the fexibility to offer more than just bleem!. We want to offer other hard-to-find emulators, PlayStation games, accessories, t-shirts whatever our customers demand.
    But isnít just for U.S. customers, Herpolsheimer is quick to point out: ìAs hard as itís been to find bleem! here in the U.S., we know it can be even tougher overseas. So weíve worked hard to be able to ship bleem! most anywhere in the world, and to keep international shipping costs down. In fact, our international shipping charges are lower than a lot of storesí domestic rates.î

    Expectations are high for the new online store, says Herposheimer. ìItís clear that there are still plenty of Dreamcast fans out there, and they want bleemcast!. Electronics Boutique still lists bleemcast! for GT2 as a best-seller, a full five months after its launch. And judging from the response weíve already received at, we expect bleemcast! for MGS and TK3 to do even better.
    With the launch of, gamers everywhere finally have a store they can depend on for the latest and greatest bleem! releases. The real challenge now will be getting the word out and letting them know we exist.
    About bleem!DIRECT, LLC.
    Founded in 2001, bleem!DIRECT is dedicated to bringing gamers hard-to-find video game products and accessories through its independent online store at Bleem!Direct .The Company is committed to meeting the needs of the gaming community by carrying the products they want the most, but can never seem to find.bleem!DIRECT is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

    News from Dan Potter of Cryptic Aillusion Posted by wraggster @ 20:20
    Dan Potter has updated his site with this news:

    Two news items of note today... the first one is that there are two interviews up if anyone is interested in reading them. I'm not an interview pig, I just forgot that I agreed to more than one.Anyway, the first one is Here , in case you're living under a rock; the second one is at a new site called Spider Console . No more interviews for a while, hehe.. those take a while.

    Second thing, I'm going to try to do a KOS 1.1.4 release pretty soon. It fixes some very problematic things in threading and contains miscellaneous improvements in KGL. If you're doing anything pseudo-serious with KOS, I highly recommend getting in on the KOS CVS fun. You'll get the latest fixes almost as soon as I can get them integrated into my tree.

    DC64beta 3 Posted by CyRUS64 @ 8:02
    Bigboy has released another demo binary version for anyone to try out of DC64!
    Here's some info:
    "Still Sanxion, running nice and smooth now.
    Only a few games do just now, speed changes depending on the game. Uridium and Sanxion both seem to be at full "smooth" speed. However there is still no input, and this WILL slow it down again...*sigh*

    I will try and add basic input soon.

    There is no Sprite-2-???? collision. This would slow things downb a LOT! There is also no drawing behind the background... same again.

    Still, its here if you want it. it IS still a demo."

    You can download this release here.
    Thanks again to Hyper_gamer for the news.

    LaserDC Posted by CyRUS64 @ 7:58
    ss_teven updated the LaserDC site with this progress news:
    "After porting v0.9 of Laser (DOS Ver) and getting no where, i decided to start porting the Unix version, with great success, this time the Z80 core actually ran! Then the other night i found out that v0.13 was released like December 2000, so i quickly ran and started porting the code from that using the ol Z80 core.

    I've got most of it complete, it is a little slow, sorry guys--nothing much i can really do there, Space Laser seeems to run reasonably well, except Space Invaders runs amazingly slow, weird. I've got to fix up a few graphics errors, and work on a GUI, so hopefully i'll have atleast a beta version out by next week."

    Thanks to Hyper_gamer for the news! (could I also ask sites to credit us if they get the news from here =) )

    Friday, October 5, 2001

    Expanded NesterDC Posted by CyRUS64 @ 13:06
    Expanded NesterDC, has been updated. Here's what's new:
    =Refine vmu code.
    =Support compressed data saving. (now use 3-9 blocks to save).
    =VMU save/load state support (use 10-20 blocks).
    =Long filename ROM's save support.
    =Rename config file. first, you must set options.
    =all of 3.0t5-pre3.

    You can download this release from here.

    Thursday, October 4, 2001

    FrNes 0.60 Beta Released :) Posted by wraggster @ 18:06
    Regex author of FrNes has released Beta 0.60 of his emulator FrNes this is what he says

    I couldnt get it to disc swap with a rom disc so dont try. Im looking into how to fix it, but I think most everyone nowadays doesnt have problems self-booting anyways.

    So everyone trust me you wanna try this great new beta :)
    Download it from the website here

    Strat76? Posted by TheGypsy @ 14:21
    I need to get in contact with Strat76, the author of DCMP3, immediately. If anyone has his email, please send it to me or have him contact me at as soon as possible. Thanks.

    - John...

    Wednesday, October 3, 2001

    FrNES News Update Posted by wraggster @ 22:40
    FrNes author Regex posted this Update to his emulator:

    Hey All,
    Sorry about this, I'll have to delay release until at least late tonight. I discovered a bug in the Sprite #0 hit routine that was causing status bars in simpler games like Castlevania to scroll improperly. In the process of fixing this I think I messed up how Non Maskable Interrupts are generated sometimes though... although it only seems to affect some of the other Mapper 2 games... so I'll need a couple hours tonight to patch around this, make up a new color scheme for the GUI, and burntest the new build.
    In response to the speed question, FrNES will never go faster than 60 FPS, and the sound will never go faster than to match that video speed. It may on some games where it's *almost* fast enough to match 60 FPS with sound, vary between half speed and full speed, and on those games, I'd suggest running a frameskip. I don't know many games that don't run at full CPU/audio speed with a frameskip of 1.

    Ajay_Homer interview Posted by CyRUS64 @ 2:09
    Next up is an interview with Ajay_Homer, author of Raptors Return and DcRaptors - a Mod for Quake and QuakeDc. This interview was conducted by Wraggster.
    You can read the interview here.

    HALD Posted by CyRUS64 @ 1:45
    Binox has updated his site with more info on his project. Watch this one carefully guys, because if he does ever get it fully working, it could be the alternative to the bba that we've all been waiting for...

    Tuesday, October 2, 2001

    Interview... Posted by CyRUS64 @ 20:49
    A bit late on this one, but another cool interview courtesy of Wraggster.
    This time it's with Arnon Cardoso

    You can find the other interviews here.

    Atani Emu News Posted by wraggster @ 17:26
    Atanis site has posted another screenshot of his emu for Dreamcast and linux- on the screenshots so far it says Bliss32 in the top corner
    which im sure it is gonna be an Intelevision Emulator (but i could be very wrong) this is his update :

    Small update for those interested... Below is a screenshot of pacman running on blissX 1.9d, I am almost ready for a release of this only a couple bugs to track down now and fix a couple that i introduced in the win32 code

    Check the Atani Software Site for more

    FrNES 0.60 Public Beta Coming Soon Posted by wraggster @ 16:41
    Regex posted an update on his emulator:

    Hey Everyone,
    I'm putting the final touches on FrNES 0.60 Public Beta. The feature list includes:
    -cleaner graphics renderer
    -faster overall gameplay (60 FPS w/ sound with Contra, MegaMan 2 and many others)
    -cycle-perfect audio emulation (no skips, speech synthesis works, see Blades of Steel)
    The next version of FrNES will incorporate more mapper code (I simply need to restructure the Mapper engine to accomodate some more advanced functions), and some improvements suggested by the community. My goal from this point on is to improve compatibility and quality to the level that people have been experiencing under NesterDC, while maintaining the accurate play quality FrNES has always put forward. In one month we'll see how far I can get towards this goal.

    HALD Project! Posted by asher @ 9:55
    BinoX has been working on some hardware. Here's some news directly from his website:

    "The secret project that I've been working on is a project codenamed HALD. It's a PCI card that will allow PCs to read GD ROMs and allow fast data transfer to and from the DC via the parallel/expansion port. It would also allow DC - PC networking and possibly access to PC resources if a program was ever written to allow it"

    I really dont know far this is true but I thought I'd post it anyway.
    You can check out more info at his website:

    - Asher.

    Monday, October 1, 2001

    Several Interviews and good ones too Posted by wraggster @ 21:23
    On behalf of Boob! and Consolevision i am conducting a series of interviews with as many of the developers/emulator authors as i can.
    These are some more interviews that will be posted soon on here but i thought i would not keep you waiting any more :) .First off is an interview with a member of the Ganksoft Team .His name is David Walliman and is the Lead Musician at Ganksoft.The next interview is with Crt0 who has done several projects most notably DoomDc and his work on a Bomberman clone for the Dreamcast.The third interview is with Ss_teven whos work includes Sms Plus! for Dreamcast which is a Sega Master System Emulator.Finally i come to Turrican2k who is working on a Snatcher clone and helping Crto with the Bomberman Clone amongst other things.

    The David Walliman interview is HERE
    The Crt0 interview is HERE
    The Ss_teven interview is HERE
    and the Turrican2k interview is HERE