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News Archive: October 2003

Thursday, October 23, 2003

VMU Copy Utility Version 1.0 Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 15:26
This has just been posted in at a Consolevision
VMUCopy 1.0, by BlueCrab, is a utility to take VMS files from a CD and transfer them to the VMU. Here's a bit from the Readme:

Known Issues:
- The file selector will only show about 19 files, so don't use more than that on one disc.
- All files must go in a directory called "vmufiles" on the CD.
- The utility does not check the files to make sure that they are VMU files.
- The filename on the disc is the filename that will be on the file on the VMU, exactly.
- The utility will overwrite any files with the same name as a file being copied, without asking.
- Probably much more that I'm not thinking about right now.

For more info go to BlueCrabs site

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

New game: DCastle Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 14:11
Heinrich Tillack is working on a new game for the DC called DCastle. He says he is us KOS and Iris3D v0.9.1.
To see a screenshot and to get more info about DCastle, go to A128 website/

Thursday, October 16, 2003

WowPack Arcade final! Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 15:42
Over at IMR Technology website, Ian Michael has released a new version of MAME! He says:
....Includes big name 80's games like Ghosts'n'Goblins, Galaga, Commando...
....Over 517 games including clone sets....

For more info click here

Saturday, October 11, 2003

2 single game emulators Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 2:12
jtaylor, a new coder in the DC scene has released in the last few days 2 single game emulators supporting Yie Ar Kung-Fuand and Frogger.

thanks to for the news

For more info click here

KosINE Is Not an Emulator Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 1:56
Warmtoe (AKA ice88) is working on....well here's what the man said him self:
I don't know whether any of you are familiar with WINE? It's a Windows 'simulator' that runs under linux.

Well, I have just begun writing 'KosINE' as the name says, it's not an emulator - but it does allow you to run code written with KOS for a dreamcast on a PC (with a very limited subset of functions, and limited capability).

I floated the concept here a while ago - but last week, I thought I'd actually get down and write it - and it's really starting to take shape (slowly, but surely) - I can actually run bloop! in an OpenGL window on my Windows 2000 machine.

Anyone think the ability to write dreamcast code without ever using a coders cable (without actually owning a dreamcast) is a gonna speed up / spread development?

This isn't just a discussion, it's a thing, that will be coming out.

for more info look at this topic in our forums!

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Dream On Contest Posted by Darksaviour69 @ 18:42
This has just been posted in our forums by Metafox:

Riding on the impending release of the first homebrew-oriented Dreamcast print magazine, Dream On, and the correlation of the official opening of Cyberdog Castle on November 27 to celebrate the Dreamcast's 5th birthday, I am organizing a contest.

The contest will be to create a complete Dreamcast game by the end of the year (December 31, 2003). This means full gameplay, graphics, music, sound, menus, the works. I know that this may seem like a steep requirement, but the reward is well worth it. The prize will be $25US plus a commercial run of your game on professionally pressed CDs. So, get those groups together, and lets see the Dreamcast homebrew community shine.

A page will be erected on Cyberdog Castle's site soon, but for now - feel free to express your desire to enter the contest in here, or in this threadon Consolevision's boards,
Dream On website