MP3's on the Dreamcast

Doc by Kilson955

Ok, as you all know, the web-browser 2.0
has been released. Now this version of the
web-browser supports MP3 downloads. This
document will tell you how to make a CD full
of MP3's and play them in your Dreamcast.

1. First you need the Web-Broswer 2.0
2. Then you need to use ISOBuster to extract
the web-browser ISO to a folder.
3. Take whatever MP3's you want and put them
in the folder that you extracted the
Web-Browser to.
4. Now to make a list with all the songs on
the CD, open up and HTML program and put
links to each of the songs on that page.
(ie - If you have a song 2pac.mp3, you
should make a link like this,
5. Do that for all your songs and when you
save the file, save it as "Drmcst.htm"
and replace the old file that came with
the web-browser ISO.
4. Load all the files into Nero (or you fav
burning program) and burn them.
5. Load up the boot disk, put in the browser
disk and now instead of comming up to the
connect screen, it will load your MP3
playlist and all you have to do is click
on a song and listen to it play.

Have fun, I hope you can understand everything
I typed here. If not, you can email me at and I will try to help you