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News Archive: August 2001

Friday, August 31, 2001

Happy... Posted by Stalin @ 5:00
birthday to me!

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Dream ZZT RC 4 Posted by sp00nz @ 23:23
Heya this is my first post here. Good to be here :). anyways..

just in from Sam's site:
RC4 features the new (and still unfinished) multiplayer map, a game selection menu, and a cool, new screen transition (thanks mario5x!) between boards. It also uses the newly-released KOS-1.1.1.

well there ya have it
head over to Sam's site

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

New version of DreamMSX Posted by asher @ 7:09
Wraggster sent in a new version of DreamMSX (ver 2). For those of you who don't know what DreamMSX is, its an MSX Computer emulator. From the info I got:

MSX was a famous computer here in Brazil and when Jos Kwanten released the emulator it quickly became the one most played by me.
But, although having the option to select the mapper, it didn't run games like Metal Gear Solid Snake and other ones that needed a mapper other than Konami/8kb. This was because of a silly bug on DreamMsx code that it's fixed on this version. Also I've added keyboard support so users with keyboard can enjoy all games without problems. And the last change was made in Z80 core to have it timing the opcodes correctly (last version didn't take in account different speeds from each opcode). That's why you'll find the IPeriod to be
bigger than the previous one. The default value of IPeriod should be fine to most games. To play Metal Gear Solid Snake it's better to select uperiod = 1 and have the mapper to be Konami5/8kb. I think everyone should at least try this game.
I haven't tried burning this version on CD because I don't have a burner, although it should work without problems. But it's guaranteed to work using the serial cable

You can download DreamMSX from here:

- Asher

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

DC Development guide. Posted by asher @ 5:57
I found this neat Dreamcast development guide that tells you how to create apps for Dreamcast. The site can be found here:

- Asher

Monday, August 27, 2001

KOS 1.1.1 Posted by CyRUS64 @ 10:19
Dan Potter has released version 1.1.1 of KallistiOS. To quote from the dcdev mailing list:

"Executive summary" of why you want it:

- A few bug fixes
- Per-thread paths back in
- OS Mode mostly fixed again
- "Integrated" MP3, JPEG, DC Tonic utils, and newlib math libraries
- Binary-only release to avoid compilation hassles
- Ported libdream examples
- Integrated DC-Load console and fs support
- CDDA functionality
- SH-4 and DC-specific math functions now supported (fsca / fsrra / fsqrt)
- Massively simplified API interface (include kos.h, run kos_init_all,
and you're good to go)

There are some other notes about this release, most notably that he has released it in binary form (as well as source obviously), but be sure to check out Cryptic Allusion for more info and downloads.

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Tetris! Posted by CyRUS64 @ 12:55
Sam, the author of DreamZZT, has released a Tetris game for the dreamcast, which he wrote for a friend :-)

Sam's Webpage

DreamEmu news... Posted by asher @ 7:17
This is'nt really much of an update but I was talking to Lrdcheese the author of DreamEmu yesterday. There have been a few progress updates. Current frame speed for the emu is 12fps. Homebrewn apps are running. Kallisti OS might work in the future, I don't think he's tested any KOS apps yet. Don't even think of Katana or WinCE , though WinCE is a probability. There has'nt been a new release yet.

- Asher

Saturday, August 25, 2001

Interview... Posted by CyRUS64 @ 13:24
Dreamcolation has conducted a small interview with me regarding Boob!cast. You can check it out at his site here.

Friday, August 24, 2001

Cryptic Allusion News Posted by CyRUS64 @ 17:15
Dan has updated the Cryptic Allusion site stating that KallistiOS 1.1.1 should be released this weekend, and also that he has continued his work on a DC Demo. (details being saved as a surpise)

New member Posted by CyRUS64 @ 8:35
I'd like to welcome sp00nz who some of you may know as kami to the Boob! team.

Also please remember that you can communicate with us and discuss dc development either on our Forums or in #boob on efnet.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Turrican2K secret project... Posted by asher @ 11:08
The Turrican2K team were apparently working on a "secret" project. Well they've released details on it. Its a Bomberman clone. You can read more about it at their website:

- Asher

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

General news Posted by CyRUS64 @ 13:05
First up, Lars Olsson has updated his PowerVR and Tile Accelerator docs at his site.
Secondly, for those of you wondering about Boob!boy/Boob!cast, I'm currently busy with real-life stuff but in about 3/4 weeks i'll be returning with a vengeance to hopefully make some releases to the scene. I still do bits of coding but not enough to make any releases before that time...
Also, if anyone is interested in selling their BBA in the UK (or US i suppose), could they contact me, since i seriously lack one of these great tools :-(

Monday, August 20, 2001

Another MAMED update! Posted by asher @ 18:01
Apparently there were a few bugs in the previous release of MAMED, so the author has released version 5 beta. You can read more about it here:

- Asher

Sunday, August 19, 2001

New version of Mamed Posted by asher @ 11:11
MAMED beta 4 has been released. It supports new features and fixes old problems. You can learn more about the release here:

- Asher

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Bleem! for Dreamcast update. Posted by asher @ 7:14
The Bleem! site has been updated with the news that MGS for DC has been completed and will be rolling out shortly. There are also some new screengrabs of Tekken3 on Bleemcast.

- Asher

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Dreamcast prices! Posted by CyRUS64 @ 16:29
I recently received this email:

"As of 08/12/2001 the prices for dreamcast will as follows at Toys'r'us:
Dreamcast systems $79.99
Sonic bundle system $99.99
Controllers $14.99
Vmu's $9.99
These are probably some of the lowest prices around and if most Toys'r'us's are like mine they don't have that many quantities left so go buy,buy,buy! This is all original sega equipment."

Thanks to the person who sent in this info. (He didn't provide me with a name.)

Dreamcast price drop! Posted by asher @ 9:48
The rumored Dreamcast price drop has been confirmed. From now on the standard Dreamcast package costs $79.95 only. The Sega sports arcade package is also comming back at a price of $99.95. Sega has also said that 20 Dreamcast titles will be shipped this year. You can read more about the story at

- Asher

Saturday, August 11, 2001

AppWizard Posted by CyRUS64 @ 15:49
Joe has created a working AppWizard for coding dc software under Visual Studio.
You can go check it out and download the binaries or sources from Joe's DCDev Site.

Thursday, August 9, 2001

Delicious Posted by CyRUS64 @ 18:42
A nice dreamcast demo that won 1st place at Assembly '01 has been released entitled Delicious.
Quite a few people worked on this, and i must say it looks gorgeous, as you can see from the pic below:

You can download the demo at Yodel's Site. Thanks to Daniel for the news and link.

Wednesday, August 8, 2001

DreamZZT2 Posted by CyRUS64 @ 23:08
A new version of DreamZZT, a recreation of Epic's ZZT game engine, has been released. Here's whats new:

- Fixed the whole tigers-becoming-bullets identity crisis that DZZT2 has been having, which was one of the last major bugs.
- Added breakable wall terrain.
- Made tigers act more like they do in ZZT.

Visit the Official Site for more info and downloads.

New dc site... Posted by CyRUS64 @ 22:50
Joe Drago sent me an email about his new dc site, which i promptly checked out.
It's very nice and has a tutorial on how to compile kos programs using Microsoft Visual Studio which will obviously provide convenience and further simplicity for dc developers.

Joe's Dreamcast Development Site

Also, remember to check out our Links page which has plenty of links to various dc (and other) resources on the net.

DreamEmu updates Posted by asher @ 5:34
DreamEmu version 0.3 was released a few days back, and recently LrdCheese has updated the site with a pic it running a DreamSnes menu screen on a later unreleased build.

Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Help us... Posted by CyRUS64 @ 16:17
One thing you can all do to help us out, is if you have any news on new releases of emulators or other dc software (or anything legal and newsworthy related to the dc), do us a favour and post about it in the forums or email one of us, so that we can post about it on the main page.
Credit will of course be given where it's due!

Hello everyone! Posted by asher @ 15:30
Hey guys. I'm new here. Thanks to Cyrus for accepting me into the Boob group I've always wanted to be a part of. Some of you may know me from IRC - I'm ^Kyo. I'll be newsposting here from now on. Hope to bring you good news. :)

Saturday, August 4, 2001

Updates... Posted by CyRUS64 @ 22:58
Over the last couple of days a couple of pieces of software have been updated/released:

First up Sintendo has had two releases. You can get more info on this port of Snes9x, which uses WinCE, and the downloads at the Official Site

Also DCGrendel has ported and released Doom for the Dreamcast! This can be found here.

Boob!cast progress... Posted by CyRUS64 @ 21:29
The Boob!cast site has been updated with some progress news on the emulator.

B00B Downtime... Posted by TheGypsy @ 20:28
My apologies for B00B being down for a bit. While I was away for a week without Net access, our provider decided that we were again using too much bandwidth and the site had to be temporarily shut down. We are back now and most things should be working fine again. I had to take a couple of items offline including HAUJOBB's "variance" demo. Sorry -- nothing I can do about it at this time.

- John...