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General Programming Information:

pcn's gcc page - Contains precompiled sh4-gcc 3.0.3 binaries for cygwin.
AndrewK's DC Page - Home of dctool/dcload (serial and ethernet upload utilities). There are also patches to KOS which enable Rock Ridge cdrom extentions support and dcload support.
bITmASTER's DC Dev Page - Hardware hacks. Can't get much more interesting than that.
Cryptic Allusion Game Dev - Dan Potter's site. Home of KallistiOS and libdream -- both of which are free development libraries for the Dreamcast.
Marcus' Dreamcast Programming Site - A must read for anyone wishing to develop for the Dreamcast. - Home of ngine, an "operating system" for the Dreamcast.
Sega Dreamcast VM - Information on programming for the Visual Memory Unit. Even has a sound engine.
Virtua Munstaz - A great resource for Visual Memory Unit development. They even have some "lessons."
Cross GCC HowTo - Another nice guide to building the cross compilers, including c++ instructions.
VMU Development tools
Hangar-Eleven - Contains some great tutorials for Cygwin/Kos etc...
Ryu's page - Dreamcast A/V pinout guide
Douglas' Dreamcast Tidbits - All kinds of stuff dumped together.

Dreamcast Emulator sites:

Icarus - Dreamcast Simulator for x86 Processors by CyRUS64
Dreamemu - Dreamcast Emulator for Win32 by Lord Cheese
Dreamemu Compatibility List

Member & Friend Sites/Pages:

Daedalus (N64 Emu for the PC) website
Stalin's Stuff
CyRUS64's old Nemu 64 Game Ratings Site

Finding Games (Legal, Full Versions):

Game Trading Zone - A site for trading/selling/buying used games run by a friend of The Gypsy. No piracy allowed! Accounts and trades are free!
SwitchPlanet - A site where you sell games to other users for "SwitchBucs", which you can then spend to buy from other users. They also deal in DVDs and music CDs.
eBay Sniper - GIXEN is a free eBay sniping service. Use it to grab that rare DC stuff!

Roms (Legal & Freely Distributable):

Kojote's Free Gameboy Roms and Demos

Commercial Sales / Importers:

(The following list has been added due to popular request for reliable importers of Dreamcast and other console hardware and software. B00B! strictly prohibits advertisements and other commercial content. B00B! does not make anything for users clicking on these links or buying from these companies. They are simply companies that B00B Staff members have dealt with personally and therefore have seen that they are reliable. We are otherwise not associated with them.)

EMS Production Ltd - Sell the 3rd party GBA Camera and Dreamcast peripherals such as Cha Cha Amigos, and have the best collection of Dreamcast Save Links around!.
Lik-Sang - Importer in Hong Kong -- great people, good service.

Places to buy Broadband Adaptors (HIT-040x) or LAN Adaptors (HIT-0300)

- Please note that the LAN Adaptors only work with the included browser and for homebrew development using dc-load. They will not work with commercial games. Hence BBAs will generally be advertised at higher prices.

Lik-Sang - Broadband Adaptors ($119) - In Stock

The information in this document is Copyright © 2001 by B00B! Dreamcast Research and may not be reproduced in whole or part without permission.