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NetBSD Quick-Setup Guide
Info: A Quick-Setup guide for NetBSD/dreamcast making it 'easy to use for "non-developers"' and provides precompiled packages for both the dreamcast NetBSD kernel/world. This is slightly old, since the downloads have not yet been updated to match the latest source release, but they will be updated accordingly soon.
Quick NetBSD/Dreamcast How-To

Broadband adaptor
Updated: 07-Oct-2002 (thanks to Matthieu Legris)
Info: A collection of pdfs for the dreamcast broadband adaptor RTL8139 chip. This includes a programming guide, datasheet, and comparison pdf. These are not relevant to the dreamcast lan adaptor, which is completely different chip!

By: Connexant/Rockwell
Updated: 07-Oct-2002 (added newer PDF thanks to Matthieu Legris)
Info: This is a Connexant/Rockwell pdf relevant for the Dreamcast modem.
For anyone who wants to have a hack-about, modem registers 0x00-0x1f are mapped to 0xA0600004 and following on the dreamcast, with 0xA0600000 being a general modem id / enable h/w register.
The modem is designed to have programs run on its dsp, but can also seemingly be merely controlled via direct register writes. Hopefully a homebrew driver can be written for the modem both for developmental purposes (connecting it to direct to pc) and for other (online) projects.
Preliminary pdf (old)

Maple Bus patent information
By: Kabushiki Kaisha Enterprises (JP)
Updated: 02-Sep-2002
Info: A complete reference to the dreamcast peripheral system, called the maple bus. This provides full hardware and software details for the method used to create a 'plug-and-play' controller setup within the console. It also explains how such peripherals as the light gun and the microphone are designed and work through the hardware itself.
Local document (html - no figures)
PDF (compiled by Mathieu Legris) - this includes all diagrams/figures.

Dreamcast JAP Browsers translation page
By: Various contributors to the
Dreamcast Browsers Group, compiled by CyRUS
Added: 05-Apr-2002
Local document

Making Games For The Dreamcast Using Standard GNU Tools
By: Kevin Fowlks
Added: 28-Aug-2001
Info: A getting started guide for developing using freely available tools and libraries on the Dreamcast. A bit outdated (using libdream instead of KOS, for example), but probably still worth a read.
Offsite Link

Hitachi SH7750 Hardware Manual
By: Hitachi, Ltd.
Added: 18-Apr-2001
Format: PDF
Size: 4.6mb
Info: Very useful and interesting for those who want to know about the SH4 processor in the dreamcast
Download Local Copy: sh7750h.pdf

Getting Started With DC Development using Win32
By: Jules
Last Update: 08-Mar-2001
Added: 17-Jan-2001
Released: 12-Jan-2001
Info: The newbie's "getting started" guide for those that need to get the gcc cross-compiler working under Win32 in a Cygwin environment.
Offsite Link

Building a Win32 hosted sh4-crosscompiler using GCC
By: Hitmen
Added: 17-Jan-2001
Released: 04-Sep-2000
Info: The original instructions for getting gcc running as a cross-compiler under Win32 in a Cygwin environment. Use this if you have an idea of what you're doing. Use Jules' Newbie Guide if you don't.
Offsite Link

Building a DC-PC Serial Cable (using a NGPC-DC cable)
By: Infinity_Yak
Added: 17-Jan-2001
Info: Instructions for building a DC-PC serial cable starting with a NGPC-DC cable. This is basically Marcus' Serial Cable Instructions except that it discusses swapping the pins (2&3 and 7&8) so that a null-modem adapter is not necessary. Basically, if you can get a NGPC-DC cable to start with, these are the instructions to follow.
Offsite Link

Building a DC-PC Serial Cable (using SVideo or VGA/RGB/SCART cables)
By: DCGrendel
Added: 17-Jan-2001
Info: If you can't find the NGPC-DC cable, but have two DC SVideo cables or one VGA/RGB/SCART cable, you can use DCGrendel's instructions.
[Link no longer valid.]

Boob! - How to alter a DC to read CD-RWs
Format: html
Info: Most (but not all) DCs can be hardware modified to read CDRW discs.
Local Link

Boob! - Hexing the Utopia Boot Disc (take two)
By: dopefish
Added: 25-Jul-2000
Released: 24-Jul-2000
Format: html
Info: Early analysis of the Utopia Boot Disc continued.
Local Link

DC GFX/Video Register
By: bITmASTER Added: 20-Jul-2000
Released: 28-Dec-1999
Format: PDF
Size: 11k
Download Local Copy: dcgfx.pdf

Dreamcast Memory Map
Added: 20-Jul-2000
Format: Text
Size: 385bytes
Info: Simple memory layout of the DC
Local Link

Optimizing Dreamcast Microsoft Direct3D Performance (under WinCE for Dreamcast)
By: Sebastian Wloch of Kalisto Entertainment (the developers, not the pirates)
Added: 20-Jul-2000
Released: Mar-1999
Format: html
Local Link

Hitachi SH7750 Programming Manual
By: Hitachi, Ltd.
Added: 20-Jul-2000
Release: 04-Mar-1999
Format: PDF
Size: 1.7mb
Info: This is the best document ever... read it or at least parts of it
Download Local Copy: h14tp003d2.pdf

IP.BIN header information
Added: 20-Jul-2000
Format: Text
Size: 4k
Info: Very useful and interesting - my DCINFO tools is essentially a direct doc->program conversion
Local Link
Additional Data by AltRN8

Dreamcast Portal Techniques
By: Jayeson Lee-Sterre
Added: 20-Jul-2000
Released: 18-Mar-1999
Format: PDF
Size: 411k
Info: -
Download Local Copy: portal.pdf

Accessing PowerVR 2DC Features Under WinCE
By: Jason Powell
Added: 20-Jul-2000
Releaed: 18-Mar-1999
Format: PDF
Size: 151k
Download Local Copy: powervr2dc_features_wince.pdf

Boob! - The Quest for a Bootable CD-ROM
By: dopefish
Added: 21-Jul-2000
Released: 21-Jul-2000
Load Update: 24-Jul-2000
Format: html
Local Link