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(Ordered by release date in each section.)


Current Version: 0.1
Released: 27-Feb-2003
By: La Cible
A port of The Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) by Russell Smith, a software library for the simulation of Rigid Body Dynamics.
Also available is a sample game, Buggy, which involves driving around a terrain in a buggy with various stunt objects around with which to interact :)
Screenshots: Dreamcast
1 2 3 4 6 Icarus 1 2 3
dcode-0.1.tgz: dcode library : Buggy sample game

Current Version: 0.1
Released: 29-Jan-2003
By: La Cible
Info: KallistiOS-1.1.9 addon for decoding some video formats (AVI, MPEG ,FLI) on the dreamcast. Currently the lib supports only Mpeg 2 with no sound ( slow ) & Fli, but is particular easy to use (one line!) and a great way of adding video to a game/project.
Recommended settings for usage are:
FLIC : use a resol 320x240 or 640x480 (a bit slow)
MPEG2 : use a resol 320x240 (slow) 640x480 (very slow) - no sound support yet ...
Encode your video with :
  • Profile & level : MP@ML
  • Stream type : System
  • YUV format : 4:2:0
  • Bitrate : between 500 & 3000
    libvfdc-full-src-0.1.tgz: the full version including source-code samples & video data
    libvfdc-src-0.1.tgz : the medium version including source-code & samples
    libvfdc-bin-0.1.tgz : the user version including precompiled binary & samples

    Current Version: 1.1.9
    Released: 09-Dec-2002
    Dan Potter
    Info: KallistiOS is a real-time pseudo-microkernel operating system for the DC, licensed under the terms of a BSD-style license. Basically, if you are going to start developing for the Dreamcast, this is what you should grab NOW. (This basically replaced libdream.)
    Offsite Link (Dan's Cryptic Allusion site)
    Offsite Link (SourceForge project)
    Offsite Link (CVS Tree at SourceForge)
    Version 1.1.9 (Latest):
    Please note that .tar.gz packages of the following files are also available at the KallistiOS sourceforge site (as well as precompiled examples).
    Download Local source:
    Download Local examples source:
    Download Local precompiled binary:

    Version 1.1.8 (OLD):
    Download Local Manual:
    Download Local source:
    Download Local examples source:
    Download Local precompiled binary:

    Version 1.1.7 (Old):
    Download Local source: kos-1.1.7.tar.gz or
    Download Local precompiled binary: kos-1.1.7-dc-bin.tar.gz or

    Version 1.1.6 (Old):
    Download Local source: kos-1.1.6.tar.gz or
    Download Local precompiled binary: kos-1.1.6-dc-bin.tar.gz or

    Version 1.1.5 (Old):
    Download Local source: kos-1.1.5.tar.gz or
    Download Local precompiled binary: kos-1.1.5-dc-bin.tar.gz or

    Version 1.1.3 (Old):
    Download Local source: kos-1.1.3.tar.gz or
    Download Local precompiled binary: kos-1.1.3-dc-bin.tar.gz or

    Dreamcast Modem Driver
    Released: 14-Nov-2002
    By: Nick Kochakian
    Info: Version 1.1 of the modem driver. It's not completely finished, but, it mostly works. Includes an interactive example program to demonstrate how some parts of the driver work.
    What's new:
  • Changed the user accessable (non internal) function names to use a KOS style naming convention
  • Made some internal functions actually internal
  • Added modem_has_data
  • Added descriptions for all user accessable functions

    Tiny 3d Engine
    Released: 03-Nov-2002
    By: Heinrich Tillack
    Info: Just a bunch of C++ classes for 3D games, using a forked version (or should I say: updated?) of KGL-X. I released my C++ classes just because everbody does this, and why should I spent weeks on my PC and not share the results with YOU ?
    What's new:
  • IMD animations with vertex interpolation. uses less memory.
  • AABB and SPHERE class/methods added.
  • Texture manager now scans for already loaded materials. saves a lot of PVR memory
  • IMD, MD2, 3DS model loading and rendering
  • Rotating of 3d objects via Quaternations
  • Frustum culling of 3D objects using Bounding Spheres
  • PCX/JPG/PNG Texture managment methods

    Iris 3d Engine
    Current Version: 0.7
    By: Epitech Console Laboratory
    Info: A 3d engine for use with
  • Fast rendering using PVR API from KOS.
  • Iris Model file format, using stripped triangle list as base primitive.
  • Software clipping of triangle strips.
  • Importer/Exporter, converting MD3 to a custom IMD format (Iris Model).
  • Animated mesh (using sampled vertex morphing, taken from MD3).
  • Material manager
  • Object manager
  • Geometry pipeline
  • Lighting pipeline: dynamic lighting (Omni light, Francis's "Smousse light").
  • Frustrum culling using bounding sphere around object.
  • Collision detection using opcode collision library.
    Downloads / screenshots

    DC Land
    Current Version: 0.1
    Released: 09-Oct-2002
    By: Lord Kernow and GreenGianT
    Info: DC Land is a function library built on the fantastic KallistiOS by Dan Potter.
    DC Land has evolved from the basic things we have needed to do since we started Dreamcast programming. It was used to make both Pong and the 3dengine by GreenGianT. For what its worth, we have cleaned it up and decided to release it.
    This version of DC Land offers some common 2d graphics functions to draw pixels, lines, boxes, circles and text. There are also simple control pad and vmu functions, s3m sound support and other things like menus and tile grids. We also have implemented some string and conversion functions that we needed at some point as well.
    Binary + C Headers (source coming soon)
    Offsite Link

    Current Version: 0.2
    Released: 29-Sep-2002
    By: Heinrich Tillack
    Info: KallistiGL with added support for GL Displaylists, GL Arrays, and NEAR_Z clipping.
    What's new in version 0.2:
    glColor3ub() added, glTexCoordPointer(), glDrawElements() bugfix
    Download (Version 0.2)
    Download (Version 0.1)
    Offsite Link

    Quake md2 and 3ds model loader
    Released: 27-Sep-2002
    By: Heinrich Tillack
    Info: Loading of MD2 / Quake 2 Models and 3DS models. The MD2 rendering is done with GL_TRIANGLE_STRIPS and GL_TRIANGLE_FANS. You need
    KGL-X as an addon library. As a bonus there is a working 3Ds loader class. This code is part of Heinrich's project DCastle.
    Offsite Link

    PVR Dma module for KallistiOS 1.1.8
    Released: 27-Sep-2002
    This enables the use of pvr texture dma for copying data (continuously) from system ram to vram. It is the first time the use of pvr dma has been available in homebrew software. By default any calls to pvr_txr_load will instead use pvr texture dma as opposed to store queues. YUV420 dma support can also be added simply, and with some rearranging within kos, dma could also be used for sending display lists to the pvr2.
    Now incorporated into the KallistiOS cvs
    Original Module source

    Released: 26-Sep-2002
    Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide fast access to the graphics framebuffer and audio device. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games, including the award winning Linux port of "Civilization: Call To Power." Simple DirectMedia Layer supports Linux, Win32, BeOS, MacOS, Solaris, IRIX, and FreeBSD.
    Note that this version does not have opengl support currently.
    SDL-1.2.4-dc (beta).

    Lightgun test
    Released: 17-Sep-2002
    By: Warmtoe
    A lightgun driver for KOS. Note: it only supports 1 gun at a time currently.
    Driver source
    Test binary

    Released: 05-Sep-2002
    By: Bero
    -currently supports GM only, not bank change.
    -doesn't support envelope of GUS patch, so sound is bit noisy.
    -tested with Hexen II and Descent.
    Downloads: (library) (test binary)

    Quake 2 Model Loader
    Current Version: 2.0.0 ??
    Released: 31-Mar-2002 (?)
    Info: A KOS/libdream-based Quake 2 model loader for the DC.
    Latest version - thx to DCCode for providing this.
    Offsite Link (DOWN)

    IP.BIN replacement
    Released: 15-Jan-2002
    Info: This as far as I know is the first LEGAL ip.bin replacement for the dc, however it is pretty much untested, so far it has been tested with the following:
    DCfloys, Wolf3D/DC, PAL Enforcer, and dcload (serial).
    This IP.BIN is intended to replace the one from Sega and make it closer to being legal, there are 3 bootstraps in IP.BIN, the Sega one, boostrap #1, and bootstrap #2. The Sega one CANT be replaced, and is the only one remaining in the latest release.
    Download Local Copy: ipfull.tgz (latest)
    Download Local Copy: ipsmall.tgz (1st release)

    Dreamcast PLIB Derivative
    Released: 14-Jan-2002
    Peter Hatch
    It requires C++, and it is recommended to extract it into your KOS directory (it'll untar to /addons/libdcplib). You'll need a Dreamcast compiling environment that can handle C++, and a recent version of KOS with C++ support such as KOS 1.1.6.
    The following has been ported:
    - UL - Utility Library - Only error handling functions
    - SG - Simple Geometry Library - wholly ported
    - FNT - Font Library - wholly ported utilizing TA.
    Released under the LGPL license with one exception. (see License)
    Download Local Copy: dcplib.tar.gz

    Current Version: dcload-ip 1.0.3 / dc-tool-ip 1.0.3
    Released: 01-Sep-2001 (
    Dan Potter's HIT-0300 patch released 06-Jan-2002)
    By: Andrew Kieschnick
    Info: AndrewK, author of what I think is the best serial loader for the DC, has released an ethernet/IP version of his tool for use by those with a BroadBand/LAN Adapter. Supports compressed transfers of SREC, ELF, and BIN files. Consists of a server for the DC and clients for unix-ish systems and Win32.
    Note that there are two different ethernet adapters available for the Dreamcast. The US and Japanese "Broadband Adapter" is model number HIT-040x and is most common. There is also a Japanese "LAN Adapter" that is model number HIT-0300. Be sure that you get the proper version of what you need. The client side is the same for either adapter.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: dcload-ip-1.0.3.tar.gz -- main source for server and client
    Download Local Copy: dcload-ip-la.diff -- Dan Potter's diffs to patch the source for HIT-0300 support
    Download Local Copy: -- precompiled 1st_read.bins for the server side (for HIT-040x)
    Download Local Copy: dc-tool-ip-1.0.3-linux.gz -- precompiled linux version of dc-tool-ip client
    Download Local Copy: -- precompiled win32 version of dc-tool-ip client
    Download Local Copy: -- Cygwin win32 DLLs for use with precompiled dc-tool-ip

    These are ready-to-burn server-side images for the Japanese/US "Broadband Adapter" (model #HIT-040x):
    Download ready-to-burn DiscJuggler3 image of dcload-ip slave with ip set to (use arp): (Thanks to The Gypsy)
    Download ready-to-burn Nero5 image of dcload-ip slave with ip set to (use arp): (Thanks to The Gypsy)
    Download ready-to-burn DiscJuggler3 image of dcload-ip slave with ip set to (Thanks to The Gypsy)
    Download ready-to-burn Nero5 image of dcload-ip slave with ip set to (Thanks to The Gypsy)

    These are ready-to-burn server-side images for the Japanese "LAN Adapter" (model #HIT-030x):
    Download ready-to-burn DiscJuggler3 image of dcload-ip-la slave with ip set to (use arp): (Thanks to The Gypsy)
    Download ready-to-burn Nero5 image of dcload-ip-la slave with ip set to (use arp): (Thanks to The Gypsy)
    Download ready-to-burn DiscJuggler3 image of dcload-ip-la slave with ip set to (Thanks to The Gypsy)
    Download ready-to-burn Nero5 image of dcload-ip-la slave with ip set to (Thanks to The Gypsy)

    C++ Patch for KallistiOS
    Released: 25-Dec-2001
    Benoit Miller
    - allows C++ support, *with* STL
    - does NOT require to link with newlib or libstdc++
    - includes Tobias Gloth's stdio additions (thanks man!)
    - adds most function protos for stdio, stdlib, string (required for STL)
    - adds wchar.h
    - adds all ctype functions (isalpha...) based on BSD 4.0
    - adds strcspn implementation based on BSD 4.0
    - fixes "make clean" for addons
    Note, you need to add "-fno-exceptions" to KOS_CPPFLAGS in your to make this work (sorry, no C++ exceptions).
    Download Local Copy: kos-1.1.5-cpp.diff

    Pseudo-Sprite Example Source
    Released: 26-Nov-2001
    Paul Boese
    Info: An example for doing pseudo-sprites with alpha transparency and backface culling.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: psprite-ex-0_0_0.tar.gz

    Released: 1-Nov-2001
    By: DcGrendel
    Info: Jam Bombs is a minesweeper clone. However it should be noted this is intended for serial cable owners, and might lock on machines without one attached."
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: bombs.elf.gz

    Current Version: v2
    Released: 16-Oct-2001
    Stuart Clement
    Info: This is a Win32 frontend for AndrewK's dc-tool-ip command-line client.
    What's new:
    It now supports all functions of dcload-ip version 1.0.3, it also has all files embedded into the exe, so there is no need to download any other files, it will drop all required files the first time its run, I wrote this because I want to get into DC dev but haven't had the time - and anything that can save me time is a good thing.. Again it needs the dcload-IP slave (available in the dcload-ip section of this page) with an IP of, it still does the arp for you, but in regards to a suggested IP, it takes your computers IP address and adds one to it, I tried to make it a little more friendly for people who aren't sure on these sorts of things.
    Download Local Copy: (Version 2 - NEW!)
    Download Local Copy: (Version 1)

    DXM - XM-module player library
    Current Version: 0.9
    Released: 11-Oct-2001
    Lars Olsson
    Info: DXM is an CM-module player for the DC. It runs on the ARM processor -- leaving your SH4 more available for your use.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: dxm-0.9.tar.gz

    Current Version: 1.0.3
    Released: 07-Oct-2001
    Andrew Kieschnick
    Info: Currently the best serial loader for loading programs onto the DC via a serial cable. Now supports compressed transfers of SREC, ELF, and BIN files. Consists of a server for the DC and clients for unix-ish systems and Win32. The Win32 client now has all the functionality of the original client (but requires Cygwin or at least the cygwin1.dll and cygintl.dll files). Supports speeds of 57600 and 115200. Starting with v1.0.3, there is a single slave disc for both speeds.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: dcload-1.0.3.tar.gz -- source for server and client
    Download Local Copy: -- precompiled 1st_read.bins for the server side
    Download Local Copy: dc-tool-serial-1.0.3-linux.gz -- precompiled linux version of dc-tool-serial client
    Download Local Copy: -- precompiled win32 version of dc-tool-serial client
    Download Local Copy: -- Cygwin win32 DLLs for use with precompiled dc-tool-ip
    Download ready-to-burn DiscJuggler 3 image of serial slave: (Thanks to The Gypsy)
    Download ready-to-burn Nero 5 image of erial slave: (Thanks to The Gypsy)

    DBP C source
    Released: 13-May-2001
    By: Snoozy (Wauters Kris)
    Info: Graphic manipulation source for his Dreamcast Binary Picture format. Made for use with libdream v0.95.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: dbp_2001_05_12.rar

    logotools (pngtomr and logoinsert)
    Current Version: 0.1
    Released: 09-May-2001
    By: Andrew Kieschnick
    Info: Tools for taking a PNG image and inserting it into the logo image in an IP.BIN for display during boot.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: logotools-0.1.tar.gz
    Download Local Copy of precompiled Win32 version with support DLLs:

    DBP Toolkit
    Current Version: 1.0
    Released: 27-Apr-2001
    By: Snoozy (Wauters Kris)
    Info: Win32 tool for converting BMP/JPEG/GIF to DBP format plus a DBP viewer.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy:

    Win32 IP Uploader
    Current Version: 1.2
    Released: 22-Apr-2001
    By: Brian Peek (of Ganksoft)
    Info: This is a Win32 client for uploading to Marcus' new IP Slave. It has serial support built in -- so that you can get your serial output without leaving your loader. Good stuff.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy:

    libjpeg JPEG decompression/compression library and quick test app.
    Current Version: 6b Released: 10-Mar-2001
    By: Andrew Kieschnick
    Info: AndrewK has ported the Independent JPEG Group's free JPEG software library to Kallistios.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: kos-0.80-jpeg-src.tar.gz

    Divx test example
    Released: 10-Mar-2001
    By: Andrew Kieschnick
    Info: AndrewK's Kallistios port of ProjectMayo's libdivxdecore-0.4.7. The divx package includes full source code and is a simple test media player which utilizes the popular DivX codec. It is extremely SLOW, at best 5 fps with no sound. He has included full source, and invites anyone to take a stab at speeding it up, though he doubts a big enough speed increase is possible.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: libdivxdecore-0.47.tar.gz

    DemuMenu (DC Demoloader)
    Released: 07-Feb-2001
    By: Grendel
    Info: This is used for having multiple bins on one disc -- you use this app to select which one to execute. It also has a built-in S3M player.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: demomnu-1.4b0.tar.gz

    IP Upload Slave
    Current Version: 1.002
    Released: 31-Jan-2001
    By: Marcus Comstedt
    Info: The new replacement to Marcus' original Serial Slave for those developers with Broadband/LAN Adapters for getting your applications to the DC for execution. Just open up a connection to port 4711 on your Dreamcast and dump down an ELF binary for execution.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: ip_slave_1002.tar.gz

    Current Version: 0.95
    Released: 28-Dec-2000
    By: Dan Potter
    Info: Libdream is a function library for the DC created for hobbyist development. It has, for the most part, been replaced by KallistiOS.
    Offsite Link

    WinCE Selfbooting Tool
    Released: 23-Sep-2000
    By: Chossy
    Info: This allows you to selfboot your wince apps, saving both time and the need for the illegal utopia bootcd!

    Current Version: 1.01
    Released: 19-Sep-2000
    By: WingZ
    Info: For sending SRECs to Marcus' Serial Upload Slave. If you are using Marcus' Slave, this is the software to use on Win32 clients. Supports SREC and BIN files. 57600 only. GUI interface.
    Offsite Link

    BOOB - IP0000.BIN Dumper v1.0
    Released: 14-Sep-2000
    By: Gonzo
    Info: This proggie reads the first sector from a GD-Rom and writes the includedIP0000.BIN Informations to the HD. PLEASE NOTE: This does not seem to work on my computer at the moment and the author says he has got it to work on win98 only... if you alter the source code and/or get it to work please mail me
    Source Code

    BOOB - DC S-Record Util
    Released: 09-Sep-2000
    By: Garpster
    Size: 14.6k zipped
    Info: After your binary is created, use this utility to convert it to S-Record format for uploading via the serial slave.

    BOOB - BinCON
    Released: ??-Sep-2000
    By: Dopefish
    Size: 46k zipped
    Info: After you have created an 0winceos.bin file use this tool to convert it to a 1st_read.bin file for use with a Boot CD!

    IP.BIN 4 WIN
    Current Version: 0.8b
    Released: 07-Aug-2000
    By: Hartec of Dextrose
    Info: An IP Editor - comes with IP.BIN examples from various games.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy:

    BOOB - DC Disassembler
    Released: 19-Jul-2000
    Current Version: 0.16
    Size: 15k zipped
    Info: This program allows you to select any Dreamcast executable binary and Disassemble it. At the moment it is rather slow since it was written in Visual Basic for quick-development, but expect a VC++ conversion soon!

    BOOB - DC Info Viewer
    Released: 19-Jul-00
    Current Version: 1.0
    Size: 6k zipped
    Info: This program displays the Info on a Dreamcast CD. It gets the info from the header of the IP.BIN file... documents for this can be found in the Docs page.

    Serial Upload Slave
    Current Version: V103
    Released: 27-Jun-2000
    By: Marcus Comstedt
    Info: The original Serial Slave for getting your applications to the DC for execution. This supports only SRECs and is also only 57600. While it was the best/only for a while, I now recommend AndrewK's dcload instead -- see the enter for it elsewhere on this page.
    Offsite Link

    Serial Upload Slave CD Images
    By: Fulg
    Info: Images of Marcus' Serial Upload Slave disc in the following formats: DiscJuggler 2.00, Nero, and CloneCD
    Offsite Link

    Released: ??-??-2000
    Info: bin file scrambler/descrambler. Author unknown -- just found it floating around.
    Download (scramble.c)

    Steve's Disassembler
    Released: ??-??-2000
    Current Version: 0.2a
    Size: 218k zipped
    Info: This is an early test version of an SH4 (sh7091) CPU disassembler.

    IP.BIN maker
    Released: ??-??-2000
    Size: 10k
    Info: Seems useful :-)

    Code samples/Unfinished code/miscellaneous

    Released: 05-Apr-2002
    By: ss_teven
    Info: As most of you know this release was very buggy, but was the first PC Engine/Turbogfx emulator, it wasn't very compatible, or fast, but it worked - sorta :P, bar the menu, which I have removed from the source code due to its plain buggyness :) This was developed using KallistiOS v1.0.0, and thus was the reason none of the emulators that required ROMs worked, because i had forgotten to map the path to /cd/, and it was also probably the reason it crashed in the menu, it's sloppy memory handling.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy:

    By: ss_teven
    Released: 26-Mar-2002
    Info: I have recovered another part of the cd, this time i've released the source code to SMSPlus!, binary versions were removed from this site due to GPL violations with some MAME code, hopefully we'll see it back up soon! For those who don't know SMSPlus! is a port of
    Charles Mac Donald's
    SMS Plus.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: SMSPlus!.zip

    Released: 13-Mar-2002
    By: ss_teven
    Info: The sources to the beta of Gnuboy. Here is what ss_teven says, "I was originally working with another programmer, but I havn't heard from him in a few months, and another few months back I sent this off to another programmer, and never heard from since. So it's going public. No technical support is offered with these sources, and if you do try to re-release them, please, please credit me and Turrican2k, or atleast Turrican2k :) - the main problems we had with this were the controller, so go, download it, and fix that. :)"
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy:

    Nehe OpenGL/KallistiGL Tutorials
    Released: 1-Feb-2002
    Ported By: Hyper_Gamer
    Info: Some of the later tutorials are missing features since they are as yet unsupported in KallistiGL
    Offsite Link:
    Nehe's Tutorials
    Lesson 02
    Lesson 03
    Lesson 04
    Lesson 05
    Lesson 06
    Lesson 07
    Lesson 08
    Lesson 09

    Dreamcast Media Player
    Released: 21-Jan-2002
    Current Version: 0.11 By:
    Info: It plays only OpenDivX files with no sound and has performance issues. This is not a usable media player at this time.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: (version 0.11)
    Download Local Copy: (initial version)

    3d test binary
    Released: 30-Dec-2001
    Info: A 3d room you can walk around in using the d-pad. You can also use the X and B buttons to strafe, and Y and A to look up / down.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: c99_3dtest.bin

    Released: 14-Dec-2001
    Jim Ursetto
    Info: A port of TuxNES v0.75 to the Dreamcast.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: tuxnes-dc-0.1.tgz -- Sourcecode
    Download Local Copy: tuxnes-dc-0.1-bin.tgz -- Binary Distribution

    Phoenix - Arcade Phoenix Emulator
    Version: 0.4
    Released: 17-Jul-2001
    By: Joey
    Info: Another Phoenix emulator for the DC. Uses the TA.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy: phoenix-0.4.tar.gz

    Version: 0.3
    Released: 21-May-2001
    By: D.Finck
    Info: This is a Space Invaders arcade game emulator.
    You can download various binary releases in the emulators section
    Download Local Copy of source:

    Animation Sample
    Released: 30-Apr-2001
    By: Snoozy (Wauters Kris)
    Info: An SREC of a simple test/sample animation using his DBP code (available above).
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy:

    DCPhoenix - Arcade Phoenix Emulator
    Version: 0.5
    Released: 25-Apr-2001
    By: PointBlank
    Info: This is a port of a DOS/Allegro Phoenix emulator using libdream.
    You can download the binary in the emulators section
    Download Local Copy: (OLD) (OLD)

    2D/3D Graphics code/API
    Released: 24-Apr-2001
    By: Mikael Kalms
    Info: Mikael wrote some great routines in assembly last winter and has released them to the public to check out and learn from. The main feature is a groovy "3D donut" example/demo created using his 3D Rendering API (a ready-to-run binary of it is included in the archive). Also included for helping with your own development is a video memory browser, some cache management operations, exception handling code, 2D display hardware setup code, a matrix math library, and more.
    Download Local Copy:

    3DS Loader
    Current Version: 1.1.0
    Released: 09-Jan-2001
    By: KamKa
    Info: A KOS/libdream-based 3DS loader for the DC.
    Offsite Link

    Dan's tatest w/ KamKa's sphere data
    By: KamKa
    Info: KamKa change Dan's tatest demo to include data for a sphere. Nothing major, but interesting to take a look at.
    Offsite Link
    Download Local Copy:


    The following titles also have sourcecode available for download:

    Burritro by Andrew Kieschnick
    DCAsteroids by Jimbo
    3d Invaders by Paul Boese
    Warlord by Nathan Whitehead
    TicTacToe by DirtySanchez
    DCFighting by Jimbo
    Othello by Wauters Kris (Snoozy)
    Shuffle by Wauters Kris (Snoozy)
    Electronics Boutique Demo by Pepsis
    Particle Demo by Kamka
    Plasma Demo by Brian Baird