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News Archive: September 2001

Sunday, September 30, 2001

New Version of DreamZZT Released Posted by wraggster @ 22:20
Sam Steele the author of DreamZZT has brought out,Release Candidate 5 of DreamZZT 2.0 here is what it says on his site:

Ok, it's been almost a month since the last update, so I figured I owed you guys one. I started college this month, and haven't had a lot of time for coding. I do, however, have a new RC for you all today!
Announcing DreamZZT 2.0 RC5! The main difference between RC5 and all previous releases is that RC5 supports background music (mp3) and the following sound effects: Firing, picking up objects, traveling through passages, opening scrolls. I took some of the songs from MegaZeux for use in DreamZZT. I hope Software Creations doesn't mind too much.
This is also the first release of DreamZZT to be available in DiscJuggler format. After spending several hours fighting with it, I finally figured out how to make it not freeze up while imaging my cds :)

Saturday, September 29, 2001

Bleem Direct News Posted by wraggster @ 9:59
For all you Bleem for Dreamcast Emulator fans here at last is somewhere where you can buy it (and about time too, us in the UK have suffered too long) so here goes the news from this site:

Now there's a place where you can always get the latest and greatest from bleem! as soon as it's available. No more calling every store in town.I'm just getting started here, so the selection is a little thin. But in the weeks and months ahead your choices should grow and I'm hoping this store will be a way to bring you some some really cool products that you'd never be able to buy.

We were amazed at the high prices bleem! users were paying for shipping, so we've chosen the United States Postal Service's Priority Mail and Global Priority Mail to deliver bleem! at a reasonable cost: as low as $5 anywhere in the US, $6 to Mexico and Canada, and $7 to the rest of the world!

Head on over to BLEEM DIRECT

Bleemcast News and Lots too Posted by wraggster @ 9:51
The Bleem site has been updated with all this news:

Finally! No more searching and calling and begging and wailing until security shows up and writing letters and making threatening calls at all hours of the night and stalking and...... um... maybe that's just us.... what I'm trying to say is, now it's EASY to get the bleem! and bleemcast! products you want, when you want them! isn't bleem - it's a separate little company where gamers will always be able to buy bleem, where small resellers can get bleem! for their stores without dealing with the big distribution companies

12 days to wait for MGS and Tk3:
Get yer butt on over to and reserve your copy(ies) of Bleemcast! for MGS and Tekken 3 right away! From now thru October 4 at midnight (PST), everybody who reserves their copies of the new bleemcast! releases will get them for a dollar less than the rest of the world.

Smackdown News:
With all the craziness of mastering MGS and TK3, plus getting started, we haven't had as much time as we'd like for testing. BUT - since all that's out of the way, we're going in hot n' heavy this weekend, and hope to get you those screengrabs soon. Both Smackdown 1 AND 2 are in testing, and we plan to offer them both to you soon.

Metal gear Solid in the USA and Europe first:
As most of you know, at the very last minute prior to mastering, we discovered two versions of MGS in Japan that we'd never seen before! Rather than hold up The US, Spanish, UK, German, French and Italian versions of B4MGS, we decided to make a US/PAL version instead, and release a version for Japan separately.We apologize to our Japanese friends and anybody in any country who wants the JP version of bleemcast! for MGS, but it'll be just a little while longer. We plan to master both an MGS-only version and an INTEGRAL release, with support for all the VR missions, as soon as testing is completed. Thanks for your patience.

Wow Massive update, i cant wait to see how good these games look and remember that Bleemcast is an emulator that plays Playstation games better than the Playstation and with better graphics etc :) :)
Head on over to THE BLEEM SITE NOW

Interesting Site Posted by wraggster @ 9:04
I stumbled across an interesting little site the other day with quite a bot of Dc Dev related items on there.
Check out Spider Dc Website

Virtua Munstaz VMU development and downloads Posted by wraggster @ 8:56
Interested in Vmu Development? ,Then youll wanna see the site im gonna link you to in a second, it is the most comprehensive site ive seen on Vmu Devving :)
Go now and visit Virtua Munstaz VMU development and downloads Site
Thanks to WHurricane16

Dreamamp update Posted by wraggster @ 8:52
Lienus posted this update on his project:

Well dreamamp is nearing completion
all thats left now is some beta testing new gfx and finishing off m3u
if anyone wants to beta test you need the following bba or coders cable (pref bba)cd burnt with either dcload or dcload-ip (pref dcload-ip)and a lot of patience also if anyone could make a 640x480 jpg for dreamamp i would be eternally greatfull!

Please reply to his topic HERE

Boob! Covers Central news update Posted by wraggster @ 8:24
T-Money posted this news on the Boob! Covers Central :

Updated, made a new page here, for DVD Covers of Gyp Play. Hehe, Boob supports us, so we gotta support them *wink* *wink*. Hehe, Anyways, this cover is really cool. I got the idea for it when I was making a template of what a DVD insert would look like at 1/2 scale so I could draw my artwork and ideas on paper first so that it would just easily flow out onto the computer (hint of the day). I was trying to decide what software hasn't had any DVD's cases done and Gyp Play was the first to pop into my mind. And I thought, well what does Gyp Play do? I thought, well it plays movies, then it came to mind then and there, I use Gyp Play to convert some old VHS stuff to CD and keep it like that. So too keep with the nostalgic VHS feel, I made the insert look like a VHS cassette. I did a few scans of the front, back, and side, and made new labels cause the labels that were on there were sort of shot, if ya get my drift. So, I also allowed space on the cover as well as the side so you all could write what was on that disc! But when folded up, it looks pretty darn close to a actual VHS cassette, well almost :o) Thanks for your guys continued support! Keep those great covers coming!!! Oh yea, just about forgot the link... heh, click HERE

Friday, September 28, 2001

SarrienDC - DJ release Posted by asher @ 9:52
I just got this email from Hyper Gamer today:

"I decided to make a Fan Made games package just for all you people to check out. This package contains most of the Fan Made games i could find (more likely the popular ones)."

Here are the games which are included in the package:

- ACiD0P0LiS
- Agent 0055
- AGI Phantasmagoria
- AGI Trek
- Beyond The Titanic
- Botz
- Dave's Quest
- Elfintard
- Escape From The Desert
- Escape Quest
- F*** Quest
- F*** Quest 2
- Good Man
- Huize 44 Queeste
- Jack & Julia: VAMPYR
- Jen's Quest
- Lawman for Hire
- Legendary Harry Soupsmith, The
- Lost Planet, The
- MD Quest
- Monkey Man
- Napalm Quest
- Naturette (English)
- Naturette (Franšais) ( i believe i included this but i'm not 100% sure )
- Operation: RECON
- Phil's Quest: The Search for Tolbaga
- Prince Quest
- Residence 44 Quest
- Ruby Cast, The
- Shadow Plan, The
- Sliding Tile Game
- Space Quest: The Lost Chapter
- Space Trek (Formerly AGI Trek)
- Speeder Bike Challenge
- Tex McPhilip: The Quest for the Papacy
- Time Quest
- URI Quest

You can download this release from:

- Asher.

Interview with Dan Potter! Posted by TheGypsy @ 4:51
I am pleased to announce that Wraggster has recently contributed an interview with The Man Himself, Dan Potter, author of KallistiOS, libdream, Ghetto Pong, and much of DCTonic. As the author of KOS and libdream, he is pretty much the reason why most hobbyist DC development has been going on at all. Read what he has to say here.

Thanks again to Wraggster for contributing this and many other interviews lately. Many thanks to Dan for taking the time to share his thoughts and opinions on the past, present, and future DC Development Scene.

- John...

Thursday, September 27, 2001

Heliophobe Interview... Posted by TheGypsy @ 14:23
Wraggster has just provided us with yet another DC coder interview. This time it is with Heliophobe, the author of Smeg (a SMS emulator). Thanks again to Wraggster for conducting these interviews. And thanks to Heliophobe for taking part in one. You can read about it here.

- John...

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

DC64 new demo Posted by asher @ 20:21
BigBoy has released another rolling demo of his C64 emulator for Dreamcast, DC64. This time the game is Sanxion. You can download it directly from DCVision:

- Asher.

B00B! Covers Central updated... Posted by TheGypsy @ 20:12
ElPed2000 has updated the B00B! Covers Central site with some nice instructions to help those of you that are interested in making your own cover designs. Check out the site -- and then keep those covers coming!

- John...

KallistiOS CVS! Posted by TheGypsy @ 14:27
Dan Potter has imported KOS v1.1.3 into a CVS tree at SourceForge -- allowing developers direct access to the "latest and greatest" KOS updates. He has started with v1.1.3 (which, due to the way CVS handles versions numbers is now known as v1.1.1.1 in the tree) and added the following patches:

- Store queue patches (adk)
- Improved matrix math functions (adk)
- KGL w clip fix (adk)
- Serial I/O fix for dc-load support (adk)
- GL_QUADS fix (Greg Cooksey)
- ftan support (adk)

If you're interested, check out the KOS CVS tree at SourceForge.

- John...

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Covers Site Update Posted by wraggster @ 21:05
_SOUL_ updated the Boob! Covers Central Site and here is what he says:

Well the site has been updated and heres a full list of the covers added:
DreamORama PAL
Sintendo NTSC
Smeg PAL
Nester NTSC
Nester DVD
Bleemcast: Tekken3 DVD/NTSC
Bleemcast: MGS DVD
Bleemcast: Smackdown: NTSC
and also removed the mame cover by LyonHrt as he requested,enjoy.

Thanks to all the team and if you have any covers please be sure to visit the Covers site and email them to the people there.

Decent Linux on the DC article... Posted by TheGypsy @ 14:43
Hack In The Box has put up a decent article regarding Linux on the DC -- including walkthrough instructions on building a cross compiler and other needed bits of the toolchain and then eventually building your own DC Linux kernel. For those of you that have trouble with the ready-to-burn images, this article is most likely not for you. :-) For those that really want to know more about what is going on and learning (i.e. those of you that really don't care if it runs MAME or prBoom), then the article can be an interesting read. Check it out here:

Thanks to Ollie for the heads-up on this article!

- John...

Monday, September 24, 2001

Boob! Covers Central news updates Posted by wraggster @ 20:03
Heres some news i missed from the Boob! Covers Central :

Hey all just a little update here. I uploaded a NTSC DVD template. It has the main markings on it (side seam, front, and back). You guys can check it out in the tools section. And I also did some HTML clean up at the bottom with the links. Every time I updated, it seemed to throw them off a tad so that's taken care of now so all of us won't have to worry about that. Also hopefully later today (A LOT later, 2AM in the morning right now) I'll get some links on the side working with updates on Doom DC, Quake DC, Bleemcast!, and the others that are in the forums right now. But as for now, I'm off to put some finishing touches on a cover that I've been working on for a special edition of UNesterDC for ConsoleVision and just haven't had the time as of late. Questions, comments, or cover requests can be made in the forums or emailed to me. Later!

21 September 2001 -

Hey All! T here, glad to see that this site is being of a lot of us to you who visit here. I just added some blank templates of NTSC covers (front and back blank, with out the Dreamcast logos and whatnot.) check them out in the tools sections. all that's needed to do is put what you want inside the red borders, and then remove the white outside of the red borders. Hope this helps a lot you guys, I also have many more templates on a disc here so if you need something, just email me! Later!

Thanks to the guys at the Boob! Covers Central

New Brian Peek (of Ganksoft) Interview... Posted by TheGypsy @ 19:43
Wraggster has just completed an interview with Brian Peek of Ganksoft, the author of NeoPocott DC, DreamPac, and SarienDC, on behalf of B00B! and ConsoleVision. You can read it here.

Thanks to Wraggster for the contribution!

- John...

SarienDC Local Files... Posted by TheGypsy @ 16:01
Local downloads of Ganksoft's new SarienDC are now available in the Emulators/Other section. I do realize that SarienDC isn't technically an emulator, but that seemed the best place to put it for now. There are local copies of Ganksoft's ready-to-burn DiscJuggler and Nero images as well as the individual files for burn-it-yourself people. A link to Ganksoft's SourceForge project for the sourcecode is also listed.

Also -- please remember that SarienDC absolutely requires a DC keyboard to play! If you don't have one, you're out of luck.

- John...

SarienDC Posted by CyRUS64 @ 12:50
Ganksoft's surprise release has debuted today! SarienDC is a "Sierra AGI resource interpreter engine that enables you to play early Sierra On-Line(tm) AGI version 2 and version 3 games, as well as AGI games written by other people."

Sarien can play the follow games:
Black Cauldron
Kings Quest 1-4 + (4 demo)
Leisure Suit Larry 1
Mixed Up Mother Goose
Police Quest 1
Space Quest 1-2
XMAS Card 1986
Demo 1-5
Manhunter New York (1.22)
Manhunter San Francisco (3.02)
Gold Rush
Donald Duck's Playground

Visit the official Ganksoft website for the various downloads!

Sunday, September 23, 2001

BigBoys Dc64 emu News Posted by wraggster @ 20:59
Bigboy posted this news about his Commodore64 Emulator for Dreamcast:

DC64 is currently running around 1.333 frames per 1 C64 frame (around 37.5 FPS.Anyway, its looking cool now, def a playable speed (but input is still missing), and I have a new colour palette swipped from VICE And I also meant to say, Sprite glitches are fixed, and Sanxion looks cool! Rasters are still not %100 mind, but it works okay.

Contact him through his site HERE

Saturday, September 22, 2001

Atani News Posted by wraggster @ 21:20
Atani has updated his site with some screenshots of a project he is working on for the Dreamcast,to see more click HERE

Relocation of 4 Dev Sites Posted by wraggster @ 21:10
Some of our favourite Dev sites have moved so i will give you the new homes to these sites:
Burner0`s site is HERE
DcGrendals Dev site is HERE
Crt0`s site is HERE
Katharsys Demo Group is HERE

Bomberman Clone news Posted by wraggster @ 20:55
I was speaking to Crt0 ,one of the people involved in the making of this clone of the Classic Game Bomberman :) ,here is what he had to say:

After forgetting the project for a few months,ive decided to start working on it again,especially now that i have a graphics library that has useful sprite rendering etc(made rewriting the renderer from using Kos to using Libdream much easier).Ive got the graphics working ,and i have reimplemented controls as well for 4 players :P that the basic skeleton is working im gonna start adding in the bomb queueing system"

Visit Crt0`s site and look at screenshots HERE

Friday, September 21, 2001

DreamEmu update... Posted by asher @ 8:53
The author of DreamEmu did a few tests this morning on his newer (unreleased) version of DreamEmu, the results are pretty good -- compatibility has increased. You grab the latest compatibility list directly from his website:

- Asher.

Interview with Sam Steele Posted by TheGypsy @ 0:01
Wraggster has just completed an interview with Sam Steele, the author of DreamZZT and a Tetris clone, on behalf of B00B! and ConsoleVision. You can read it here.

Thanks to Wraggster for the contribution!

- John...

Thursday, September 20, 2001

CVS submitted, KOS 1.1.4 this weekend Posted by wraggster @ 21:17
Dan Potter posted this news on the Cryptic Allusion Web Site

Two interesting tidbits today... I have submitted the KOS 1.1.x CVS for import into SourceForge tonight. Once that's setup and working I'll make sure it's open for public consumption, and try to keep my latest changes checked into there.Second interesting thing, I will be attempting to release a KOS 1.1.4 this weekend with the various patches that have been posted to the DCDev mailing list.

DiscJuggler image of DCLinux! Posted by asher @ 8:40
Adrian O'Grady has posted a DiscJuggler image of DCLinux -- the version with XWindows (yeah it runs DOOM). It's on a decent server so you can download it easily. (Note from TheGypsy: I would grab it quickly if you want it -- I expect that once word gets out, his server will be fairly quickly overrun as it does not appear to be on a server with that much bandwidth.) Get it here:

- Asher.

JPAMP3 ver 1.1 released Posted by wraggster @ 0:01
The new version of this player can be found HERE

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Smeg and Dreamemu Compatibility sites Posted by wraggster @ 21:51
While searching for Dreamcast Related news on the net i noticed these two compatibility sites, DreamEmu Compatibility Site ran by Binox and Smeg Compatibility Site ran by Jaagaadelic.If anyone has anymore please email me.

New Covers Posted Posted by wraggster @ 21:33
Looking in the covers forum i noticed some rather nice covers for DoomDc,Laserdc,BoobBoy and Gypplay.if anyone has any more covers please post them in The Covers Forum

Console developer library Posted by asher @ 10:24
4xtechnologies are busy developing tools which will let you program 3D apps for Dreamcast, PlayStation II, XBOX and GameCube. From their site:

"Phœnix 3D is a set of programming libraries and tools for the development of realtime 3D software such as video games or multimedia software.
Written in C++, Phoenix 3D is object oriented and can be easily used by any programmer familiar with this language.
Serialization of data is one of the main strength of Phoenix 3D."

You can visit them at:

- Asher.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

UNOFFICIAL NESTERDC RELEASED Posted by wraggster @ 20:01
Tekezo has released an "expansion" to NesterDC using Unofficial NesterDC and the many more mappers it supports. When he released it the bin was broken but Hollywood Hasney and Burner0 fixed it and have created new working images of it, also T-Money has made a new gui :).
To see more visit the Consolevision web site

Monday, September 17, 2001

Ganksoft Update Posted by wraggster @ 19:55
This news from the Ganksoft site:
- It has been an amazingly rough week for all of us. We are located in upstate New York, about 150 miles (240 kilometers) from "ground zero", so it hit pretty close to home for us. Luckily, all of our friends are safe and sound at the moment. We hope all of your loved ones are safe also. If not, know that our hearts and thoughts are with you.
In light of the recent events, our surprise release has been delayed a bit more. None of us have felt much like working recently so we took a bit of a break. We hope to resume things this week and have a release this week.

Lets hope we see them soon.

Boob Covers Site Opened For Buisness Posted by wraggster @ 18:58
Fantastic news we now have our own covers site and we also have the covers forum, so lets see all your screenshots and covers in the forum and also send them to the link on the covers site.The guys doing the site are _Soul_,[][]T-MONEY[][], Krillin_SA and Elped2000.
Now ill pass you to _Soul to introduce the site:

Hey everybody, just to let you all know that the covers site is all up and running: at Boob! Covers Central It should all be okay but if ya see any mistakes could you e-mail me and let me know, I've been working on it for far too long and I may have messed up in a few places. But anyway if you have any new covers you want added just post them on the boob! covers forum. Have fun guys

Sunday, September 16, 2001

Andrewk Updates... Posted by CyRUS64 @ 18:43
Andrewk has released the following patches/examples:
-- Small 2-d example for kos 1.1.x

-- Patch for KallistiGL:
"The patch fixes a problem with gldraw passing "bad" polygons to the ta. You can see the problem by taking manual control of the gltest example and moving the cubes toward the screen until things get "strange". Apply the patch in kos-1.1.3/addons/libgl and rebuild."

-- VRAM / Store Queue Patch for KallistiOS 1.1.3:
"The patch adds store queue support to KOS 1.1.3. My testing shows writing to vram using the store queues is about 2.45 times faster than normal writes (76 mbyte/sec instead of 31 mbyte/sec in my test). The patch changes vid_clear, vid_empty, and ta_txr_load to use the store queues, and provides functions sq_clr, sq_cpy, sq_set, sq_set16, and sq_set32. Apply this patch to your kos-1.1.3 tree and rebuild."

You can check out these great patches at AndrewK's Page.

Friday, September 14, 2001

Terrorism Posted by CyRUS64 @ 18:48
I'd just like to add some of my own thoughts on the recent terrorist attacks in America.
First of all, I'd like to say that the actual atrocities that the families and people involved in the Attacks are some of the most terrible things a human-being could possibly experience, and I'm sure that every one of us grieves with them and hopes that they are able to overcome their losses.
However the actual American government themselves are far from perfect. It is a fact that they in the past, together with the CIA, funded the Taleban and Usama Bin Laden in the war against the Soviet army in Afghanistan. By mere retribution against Afghanistan, they will only be attacking civilians who will also just become innocent victims in the same way as those people of various nations in the World Trade Centre, the Pentagon, and the planes have been innocent victims. 90% of the citizens of Afghanistan do not even know of the terrorism that has gone on in America, and 25% of the population are on the brink of starvation. Do we really need more unnecessary suffering in the world? By all means America should attempt to infiltrate and arrest and bring to justice those involved in the al-Qaeda organisation, but they should not needlessly bomb a country such as Afghanistan, and I sincerely hope that President Bush does not take this course of action.
Why am i writing this, you may ask? It is just that I hope that certain lessons may be taken away from these unbelievable occurrences. I hope that America may be able to shrug off a certain arrogance that it has shown in the past, and can understand and appreciate that these sort of occurrences have been happening in many countries of the world for a long time, albeit to a far lesser degree. To all Americans who may have been approached for instance by the IRA, please think twice before donating to an organisation such as this, and let the world, not just America, unite and attempt to erradicate all evil.
President Bush says this is the first war of the twenty-first century. This is far from true... think about Czechnya or even the on-going war in Afghanistan. But it is the first all-encompassing war of the twenty-first centry.
I hope that no-one takes offence by this writing, since what has gone on in America is deeply disturbing, but there are lessons that can be learnt from it. You are welcome to email me if you disagree with what I have said.
My heart goes out to all the families who have sufferred...


Mac Tutorials by dude322mg Posted by wraggster @ 0:29
dude322mg has posted a great tutorial for all you Mac users in our forums,thank you for your great work and for everyone else the tutorials are Here

Vmu Saves etc Posted by wraggster @ 0:11
Looking for Vmu saves for your favourite emulator! and a heck of a lot more besides visit SegaFans VmuHq

BleemCast preview Posted by wraggster @ 0:06
Planet Dreamcast have posted a great preview of the forthcoming BleemCast releases and several screenshots too to see more visit Planet Dreamcast

Thursday, September 13, 2001

Turrican2k Request Posted by wraggster @ 23:53
Turrican2k has a request For his team who are going to make a clone of the game Snatcher he initially need another programmer, an artist (or 2) and some more script writers.
If you've never heared of Snatcher Visit HERE

For more information and to help out with this exciting project please post in the comments section on turrican2k's site HERE

Cryptic Allusion News Posted by wraggster @ 23:46
Dan Potter has updated his Cryptic Allusion site with this news:

Well, my day-to-day schedule is getting more and more hectic, and with the added stress of you-know-what hitting us all pretty hard , I'm going to have to concentrate more on my school and work to make sure I get through that without any troubles. Consequently, I'll be backing off on my KOS releases for a while again. At least I got a number of important fixes out there with this latest batch of KOS's. Rather than another release, my next project will be to public-ize the KOS CVS so that if I do make any more minor changes, those of you who follow KOS closely can get at them in a timely manner. Sorry if this causes any troubles for anyone, but it IS just a hobby ^_^;

JPA's Dreamcast Network MP3 Player released! Posted by wraggster @ 20:59
I received this email today about a Dreamcast mp3 player you play through your broadband cable.:

JPAMP3 allows you to play MPEG1 layer3 (MP3) files stored on a PC Hard Disk through your Dreamcast via the Broadband Adaptor. It has been tested with Bladeenc, Lame, and MusicMatch encoded files. MPEG2 and MPEG2.5 are also supported, though untested.i've put the MP3 player on Here
John Atkinson
Please test it out and tell us your findings :)

[d]cs2600 public beta released Posted by wraggster @ 20:31
Gonzo has released a public beta of his new Atari2600 emulator [d]cs2600.This is Gonzos third emulator for the Dreamcast so may i say a big thank you to him and also a thank you to Consolevision for the news.
Go to Gonzos site HERE to download the emulator.

New DreamMsx Released Posted by wraggster @ 20:24
Arnon Cardoso has sent me this email:
I'm sending attached a new version of DreamMSX. You can read the changes on its readme file. I think this will be the last time I'll change this source so I'm sending the sources as well. Right now I'll concentrate on porting fMSX2.5 that is a lot more compatible with MSX games (DreamMSX is based on fMSX1.5. This version is called Marco Aurelio Edition because today if the birthday of a friend having this name.Happy birthday Marco!!!
Thank you, Arnon Cardoso
To download the new version of DreamMsx click HERE
To download the Source click HERE

Posted by asher @ 15:13
Hello everyone, things have been slow due to the tragic events in USA. My sympathy goes out to everyone who have lost their lives in this terrible incident. This came as quite a shock to everyone and I'm sure that everyone in the Boob team feels just the same way I do.
Please take some time and help those in need at this moment, here are a few links that'll help.

Give Blood (American Red Cross)
American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund direct

American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund via
American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund via PayPal

- Asher

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

Sintendo News.. Posted by sp00nz @ 22:32
Sintendo has posted some news on his emu.

I have been working, I have been working on Sintendo, I have been researching for Sintendo, et cetera. I have accomplished a few things but I can't say that I have actually finished any one particular aspect of Sintendo that I would like to add to the next release.

Obviously, the most awaited is sound. Sound works, kind of. At the moment, I have sound support taken out because I've grown quite frustrated at it and want to work on a few other things for the moment. SNES sound, however, as you know it, does not work. Only in vague ways does it actually resemble what you would expect to hear, and that's when it doesn't crash. On the Dreamcast, it crashes, and badly at that.

Check it out at
Sintendo's Site

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

America Devastated-Trade Centre destroyed ,Pentagon hit Posted by wraggster @ 17:00
I know this isn't emulation related, but this news is really too big to ignore. I just can't believe what I am seeing right now, as two planes have just hit the World Trade Center, within 20 minutes or so of each other. As if that wasn't bad enough, about half an hour later the Pentagon was hit too!Apparently this was a terrorist attack, although nothing has been confirmed so far. All I can say is that our hearts go out to any of the people that have been caught up in this, as well as their families. I can only hope that not too many people have been killed or injured... :(
Update: Well, it looks like it was definitely a terrorist attack, and now there are reports of other attacks happening across the US. It's complete chaos at the minute...

This news from EmuHq, our hearts go out to all of you in America

Monday, September 10, 2001

Forums back up... Posted by TheGypsy @ 23:24
Some of you may have noticed that the forums were acting a little odd for the past two days. It turns out that there was a bug in IkonBoard that caused new posts to be listed at the end of the thread list. If you didn't know that the new ones were at the end, then it appeared that posts were simply being "lost."

I have corrected this bug. While I had the forums down for maintenance, I also upgraded to the latest stable IkonBoard and installed a better avatar system.

Things should be working well again. If you have trouble with the forums, just let me know.

- John...

Rumours,Rumours,Rumours Posted by wraggster @ 21:15
In the first rumour for you, apparently Lord Chaos is working on a new Snes Emulator for Dreamcast. It will be another port of Snes9x, but it sounds very promising. He started this emulator to see if he can get it at full speed. Thank you to Ss_teven for that news.
Second Rumour was sent to me by Texel this was the email:
"I'm making a port of the Z-Machine Infocom Interpreter to the DC, programmed in C/C++, probably with KOS or libdream.The reason? I just figured it would be cool to play Zork (and all those other spiffy text games) on the DC and porting the one interpreter is easier than doing all the games individually."
Lets hope both projects get off the ground successfully!

A New Site joins the DcDev/Emu scene and other news Posted by wraggster @ 20:43
It is my great honour to introduce you to a site that will feature Dreamcast as well as other next gen development, which is Consolevision. Also I have found a nice freeware/public domain rom site HERE, and in other news Atani's Site has been updated with news that he is busy working on his project so we will have to be patient and finally a little problem with the boards - apparently the new posts dont seem to be there when you go to the forums. At the moment they are being upgraded so come back soon.

dcload-ip/dc-tool-ip v1.0.3 images! Posted by TheGypsy @ 19:14
I have just completed (and put up in the Developer Tools section) the following files related to the recent release (v1.0.3) of AndrewK's dcload-ip ethernet slave:

- Mirrors of AndrewK's normal downloads (source, 1st_read.bins, precompiled linux client).
- Ready-to-burn DiscJuggler2 and Nero5 images (both ARP and static IPs).
- Precompiled win32 version of the dc-tool-ip client.
- New versions of the Cygwin DLLs to go with the win32 client.


- John...

P.S. As always, much thanks to AndrewK/Napalm for the new release!

KallistiOS v1.1.3 files now local... Posted by TheGypsy @ 19:02
I've now had a chance to put local copies of Dan's KOS v1.1.3 files up in the Developer Tools section for your convenience.

- John...

Ganksoft News Posted by wraggster @ 7:04
The Ganksoft Team have updated their site with this piece of news:

- Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that our surprise release is going to be delayed for a few days due to some unexpected difficulties. The good news is that these difficulties resulted in a bug fix to KOS as well as some additional features for the release.
Sounds very interesting and we do have a topic in the forum for you to discuss this project.

Kos 1.1.3 Released Posted by wraggster @ 2:23
Dan Potter has released KallistiOS 1.1.3 here are some of the new features:
The main changes in this version include the inclusion of an early version of KallistiGL, Andrew's inline math functions, and some misc fixes.
To visit his site go here

Sunday, September 9, 2001

We need your comments/help Posted by wraggster @ 12:46
Boob! will soon be opening its very own covers site,so get those covers ready we want to showcase them on the new site.(more Details very soon)
Also Boob! is going to open its very own clan site and we need your suggestions as to what you think a clan site should do,so any suggestions,comments will be very useful as we are looking to making the community at Boob! stronger and more fun so post your comments HERE
We also have a brand new forum ,The Covers Forum so start submitting those great Cd and Dvd Covers in the new Covers Forum
Finally if any coders/devvers want to share information with me or use me as their spokesperson please email me at the link above ,im also looking to carry on my tribute to Jose Q so if you have any interesting rumours please let us know.

Hey my friends im back to supply you all with the up-to-date news Posted by wraggster @ 1:44
Well its nice to be doing something i enjoy. Ganksoft Entertainment announced they were bringing out a surprise this week so ive made a topic in the forums here for you to discuss your ideas and when its released we will see who's right.
Also if you are looking for legal roms for your emulators there is a great site here which has public domain roms for every system. This is an exciting time for the whole scene with all the new emulators and dev stuff coming out,you dont wanna miss it.

Saturday, September 8, 2001

KallistiGL Posted by CyRUS64 @ 13:37
Dan Potter has posted the first KallistiGL test program. Go check it out at Cryptic Allusion! Also a new KOS should possibly be released tomorrow.

Emulators Posted by CyRUS64 @ 13:08
I've spent a bit of time trying to update the Emulators page. There will still be a couple of emulators missing from these pages, notably MameD/MameDC, but we'll get it wholly up to scratch in the near future.

You can notify us of any other "missing" emulators in this forum thread.

Also be sure to come onto #boob on efnet to chat or get assistance, and of course there are also the forums.

Friday, September 7, 2001

Smeg Posted by CyRUS64 @ 21:50
The SMEG site has been updated with a progress report:
"Smeg has gone through two private betas on the way to a next release. Compatibility has improved by and large, and I've added some new features. I also began work on adding Atari 2600 emulation, which will eventually be moved into its own emulator. It's a long way from being finished, and I probably won't work on it for a while. Mostly I just started it when I was feeling burnt out on SMS emulation."

Thanks to the Wraggster for the news.

DC64 Posted by CyRUS64 @ 17:59
DC64, a commodore 64 emulator, has had an early "Demo" release courtesy of Bigboy.
Here is some info about the release:
"Its unplayable (no input), and only has Uridium built in. But if you want to see it, grab it
This should show you the current state of play, speed visuals etc... Sprites glitch like mad, and its slow... but it runs!
It'll load up, and then start the game, then you can watch the demo..."

Thanks to Hollywood Hasney for the news, and for putting together the Discjuggler Image!

You can download this release in Discjuggler/Plain files format from the Emulators page under "Other".

FP-Math patch Posted by CyRUS64 @ 10:59
Just a quick note to say that AndrewK has released "a patch that speeds up the math functions (fsin, fcos, fisin, ficos, fsqrt, frsqrt) in KOS 1.1.2 by making them inline functions. Apply this patch, then "make clean ; make" in your kos-1.1.2 directory."

You can download this from AndrewK's Site.

In other news, Dan Potter is planning on making another release of KOS this weekend. The biggest change is that KallistiGL, an interpretation of OpenGL for the dc, will be included in the package. Thus far he has some basic 3d up and running. This information comes from the DCDev mailing list :-)

Thursday, September 6, 2001

ODCM replacement: GamePro!?? Posted by TheGypsy @ 16:21
Yesterday I received the October issue of GamePro Magazine in the mail. Along with it was a note that this was being substituted to finish out my subscription to ODCM (which expired forever ago). I really can't believe that ODCM had to make arrangements with the pile of garbage that is GamePro Magazine just to get someone to fulfill what was left of the ODCM subscriptions. They must have been pretty bad off. :-(

Oh well -- just thought that I'd mention it for those that were also waiting to see what they were going to get instead of ODCM. I don't know why it took them a year to work something out -- maybe they were waiting to find something better than the trash that they ended up having to go with. Luckily, I only get one more issue before it expires.

- John...

Tuesday, September 4, 2001

KallistiGL Posted by Stalin @ 23:33
Dan Potter has been working on a gl wrapper for the Dreamcast:

"I am now developing an "OpenGL(tm) inspired" graphics library for KOS called KallistiGL. Basically I am going to write a GL wrapper that provides as much functionality as is easy to provide with the DC's hardware, and then stop there. So things like lines, stencil buffers, etc, will probably not get implemented. But it's a far cry from the old way."

For more information visit

Atani's RPG Posted by CyRUS64 @ 22:20
According to his site Atani is apparently "going to make a big newspost with screenshots of his new project, a RPG for the Dreamcast." I hope to see these soon since it sounds like quite a nice project!

Posted by asher @ 7:29
Gonzo the author of [d]Colem and [d]cs 2600 has released a beta of his new emulator for Dreamcast, oddDc is an Odyssey 2 emulator for SEGA Dreamcast. You can download the emulator here:

In other news, Shenmue II is just a few days away from its Japanese release. Pretty cool, you can checkout some screengrabs at IGN:

- Asher

Monday, September 3, 2001

mamed Posted by CyRUS64 @ 23:00
The MameD readme has been updated with lots of info for those of you having problems burning or using this version of Mame for the Dreamcast. You can check it out here. Thanks to Wraggster for emailing me with the news.

Also we should apparently be expecting a new dreamcast release from Ganksoft Entertainment this week!

Dreamcast PlanetWeb browser 3.0! Posted by asher @ 6:29
Here is a bit of good news, PlanetWeb is releasing version 3.0 of their browser for Dreamcast. It supports JavaScript, Flash 4.0, Java and other stuff. Seems pretty cool. You can place pre-orders here:

- Asher

Sunday, September 2, 2001

KOS 1.1.2 / KOSWIN Posted by CyRUS64 @ 13:22
Dan has posted a new version of KallistiOS which includes various bug fixes, and a new Ethernet Driver.

Also he has released KOSWIN, which to quote from Dan:
"KOSWIN is basically what it sounds like: it is a precompiled SH-4 and ARM compiler, KOS sources, dc-tools, etc, for Cygwin. All you need to get started with DC dev should be there." - dc dev'ing seems to be getting easy all the time, so if you've held off until now get going while it lasts!

Cryptic Allusion
Sourceforge Downloads

Saturday, September 1, 2001

dcload-ip v1.0.3 released! Posted by TheGypsy @ 16:12
AndrewK has just released v1.0.3 of his dcload-ip tool. He recommends that everyone using a previous version of dcload-ip upgrade to this new version as it fixes a significant problem as well as provides better recovery from timeouts, dropped packets, and so on.

You can check it out at AndrewK's dcload-ip page. We'll have local copies of everything soon -- as well as ready-to-burn images of the slave. Right now, I'm in the middle of my garage sale -- so I don't have time for anything except this update. :-)

- John...

Bleem! UK .... Posted by asher @ 5:58
Bleem UK (in association with gameinc), has given you the chance to win 1 of 5 copies of Bleem for MGS (Europe only), go check it out here.

Best of luck!

- Asher

bleemcast! Posted by Stalin @ 1:16
A visit to Vintage Gaming prompted me to check out the bleem! site. Here is what I found out.

Tekken 3:

"Play testing concluded this week with a Tekken Ball battle royal (but I gotta admit, I like Tekken Bowling better) and we'll release to mastering next week. I learned a cool thing about bleemcast! - if you use an NTSC version of Tekken 3 with your PAL Dreamcast (and a PAL-60 compatible TV), you can play TK3 without the annoying slowdown you get on the PlayStation running at 50hz, AND you get FULL-SCREEN graphics (no black bars at the top and bottom)."

WWF Smackdown: The next release in the series.

Metal Gear Solid: It seems that the bleem! team has found some versions of MGS that they didn't know existed and will be holding off on sending the emulator to the presses until they have verified that it works with all known versions of MGS.

Turrican2k news Posted by sp00nz @ 0:53
Turrican updated his page with some news. Here's what he posted:

Recently I have been looking at OpengL/MESA programming and have realized that it's a lot easier to do and more 'productive' than programming the PowerVR2 TA. Once a faster OpenGL/MESA driver is developed for DC I'm going to switch all new projects to this system.

Go check out it out at Turrican's site