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Sega Genesis
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NeoGeo Pocket
Last Update: 22-Jan-2003
By: Walter van Niftrik (dreamcast port)
Official Site
Info: A portable interpreter for games written for Sierra On-Line's SCI system, which is currently compatible with the following games:
  • Leisure Suit Larry 2 and 3
  • Police Quest 2
  • King's Quest 4
  • Quest for Glory 1/Hero's Quest
  • Space Quest 3
  • Hoyle's Book of Games 1 and 2
  • The Colonel's Bequest
  • Conquest of Camelot
  • Codename: Iceman
    Download Local Copy: Unscrambled Binary
    Download Local Copy: Scrambled Binary
    Download Local Copy: Nero Image
    Download Local Copy: Unscrambled Binary (OLD)
    Download Local Copy: Scrambled Binary (OLD)
    Download Local Copy: Nero Image (OLD)

    Atari compute (400/800/800xl/etc.) Emulator by Christian Groessler

    Last release: Version 0.75 (Jan 17th, 2002)
    Info: Emulates Atari 400,800,800xl amongst others. There are no CD images available though, since currently copyrighted BIOS ROMs are needed to make a CD. Read the readme for further instructions!
    What's new in version 0.75:
  • uses Atari800 cvs code base as of jan-11-2003
  • reverted the sound changes which were introduced in the 0.72 version - the sound should be similar to 0.71.
  • saved states on the VMU now show a Atari icon. Due to a change in the layout of the state save file, saved states of previous versions aren't recognized.
  • changing video mode of emulated Atari now doesn't change the video mode used to drive the screen. These 2 video mode settings (what the emulated Atari thinks the video mode is, and the video mode used by the DC) can now be changed independently. Setting them to different values will disable double buffering, so best results are achieved if both settings are the same.
  • buttons B, X, Y on the 1st DC controller can now be redefined to generate simulated key presses on the keyboard. If they are redefined, the Start, Select, and Option keys can be entered in the keyboard emulation screen.
    atari800dc-0.75-bin.tar.gz - elf/bin (LATEST)
    atari800dc-0.75.tar.gz - sourcecode (LATEST)
    kos-for-0.75.tar.bz2 - KOS tree used, based on CVS version of sometimes in early january
    atari800dc-0.7-bin.tar.gz - elf/bin
    atari800dc-0.7.tar.gz - sourcecode
    atari800dc-0.6-bin.tar.gz - elf/bin
    atari800dc-0.6.tar.gz - sourcecode
    atari800dc-0.5-bin.tar.gz - elf/bin
    atari800dc-0.5.tar.gz - sourcecode
    atari800dc-0.2-bin.tar.gz - elf/bin
    atari800dc-0.2.tar.gz - sourcecode
    atari800dc-0.1-bin.tar.gz - elf/bin
    atari800dc-0.1.tar.gz - sourcecode

    Frotz Infocom Interpreter by c99koder

    Last release: Version 0.5 (January 14th, 2003)
    Info:The Infocom interpreter allows you to play text based classics such as Zork and Adventure. There are also many other Interactive Fiction titles available around the web.
    What's new in version 0.5:
  • Text library rewritten specifically for Dreamcast's 3D hardware resulting in much faster and more responsive text input and output.
  • Built against the latest version of KOS, offering better support for third-party keyboards.
  • Flashing cursor.
  • VMU reading / writing indicator.
  • more public domain games are included on the CD images.
    Download: - elf/bin (version 0.5)
    frotzdc-0.5.nrg - ready-to-burn Nero (DAO) image (version 0.5)
    frotzdc-0.5.cdi - ready-to-burn DiscJuggler image (version 0.5) - elf/bin (Release 2)
    frotzdc.nrg - ready-to-burn Nero (DAO) image (Release 2)
    frotzdc.cdi - ready-to-burn DiscJuggler image (Release 2)
    frotz-dc.tar.gz - elf/bin (Release 1)

    Oswan DC by Timo Laman

    Last release: December 26th 2002
    OSwanDC is a port of Oswan, a Bandai WonderSwan/WonderSwan Color emulator by David Raingeard. The original Oswan runs on PC Windows 9x. This port is for use on Sega Dreamcast and was developed using the KOS library by Dan Potter et al.
    What's new:
    * Sound now works
    Download: - binary - source

    Stella - Atari 2600 Emulator by SvOlli

    Last release: Version 0.20e (December 16th, 2002)
    Info: What's new:
    - Cheat engine and monitor to create your own cheats.
  • DCStella V0.2e, containing IP.BIN, 1ST_READ.BIN and the directory. (2002-12-16)
  • the default theme, containing images, charset and dcstella.ini. (2002-12-16)
  • an alternative "Wood Stella" theme, screenshots here and here. (2002-12-16)
  • A Nero image, containing the PD ROMs and the default theme. Disc swapping is now supported, see the readme section. (2002-12-16)
  • A Nero image, containing a single game,Qb, that starts automatically. (2002-12-16)
  • - elf/bin (OLD version 0.20c)
  • - elf/bin (OLD version 0.20)

  • TODC - T07/70 and TO8D Emulator by pcn

    Last release: v2.0 (February 17th, 2002)
    Download: - LATEST - ready-to-burn Nero (DAO) image - LATEST - ready-to-burn DiscJuggler image - OLD VERSION - ready-to-burn Nero (DAO) image - OLD VERSION - ready-to-burn DiscJuggler image
    Info: Check this link for more information on the T07/70 system.
    OR Check this link for more information on the T08 system. (newly supported in v2.0)

    Sierra AGI resource interpreter engine - SarienDC by Ganksoft

    Last release: v1.0 (September 23rd, 2001)
    Download: - ready-to-burn DiscJuggler image (by Ganksoft). - ready-to-burn Nero (DAO) image (by Ganksoft). - ready-to-burn Nero (TAO) image (by Ganksoft). - Individual files (burn it yourself).
    Offsite Link to Ganksoft's SourceForge site - latest sourcecode.
    Info: Sarien is a Sierra AGI resource interpreter engine that enables you to play early Sierra On-Line(tm) AGI version 2 and version 3 games, as well as AGI games written by other people. Sarien is covered by the Free Software Foundation's GNU Public License and is an open source development.
    NOTE! SarienDC absolutely requires a DC keyboard!

    Spectrum - DreamSpec by Bigboy

    Last release: Version 0.5
    Download:Discjuggler Image
    Info: This release contains 200 freeware Spectrum games.
    What's New in v0.5:
    • Nice GUI
    • SymbolShift fixed.
    • "Menu" keys now goes in and out of menu. (allows VMS saving )
    • Saving and Loading to/from VMS
    • RGB and VGA output now work
    • Keyboard saving to VMS

    MSX - DreamMSX by Dos Kwanten

    Last release: Version 0.2
    Plain Files
    Info: Dreammsx is an MSX2 emulator for the Dreamcast based on fMSX 1.5 by Marat Fayzullin. The AY8910 and SCC emulation are replaced for better sound emulation (ripped of the MESS project).
    This is a work-in-progress version, which works with most MSX1 and some (most Konami) MSX2 roms. It has also has full AY8910 and SCC emulation.

    Commodore 64 - DC64 by Bigboy

    Last release: September 6th, 2001
    Plain Files
    Discjuggler Image
    Note: Its unplayable (no input), and only has Uridium built in. But if you want to see it, grab it.
    This should show you the current state of play, speed visuals etc... Sprites glitch like mad, and its slow... but it runs!
    It'll load up, and then start the game, then you can watch the demo...

    Odyssey2 - oddDC beta 1 by Gonzo

    Last release: August 2001
    Plain Files
    Note: Odyssey2/Phillips G7000 emulator for the Sega Dreamcast.
    Currently without sound support.

    ColecoVision - Colem for Dreamcast

    Last release: 0.99 on June 18, 2001
    What's New in version 0.99:
    • Nice GUI
    • No more bios fonts ;)
    • Better fullscreen mode
    • Speed increase
    • More roms
    • You don't need "coleco.rom" anymore
    • Afro on the license screen
    Plain Files (unscrambled 1ST_READ.BIN + IP.BIN + GUI)