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Last release: v0.2 on 29-Feb-2002
By: Jim Ursetto
Info: A port of TuxNES v0.75 to the Dreamcast.
What's new:
  • Added experimental tile renderer (press Y at game select screen). Many games work fine. Press B to clear up screen corruption. Runs at 60 fps.
  • Sound code much improved; will not break up when speed drops too low. This allows arbitrary frameskip (but the line renderer is still locked to 30 fps). Noise channel clipped from time to time due to synchronization issues.
  • Fix palette bug that caused colors to be slightly off.
  • Fixed some sound and video corruption due to global variables; sporadic problems remain.
Offsite Link
Download Local Copy: tuxnes-dc-0.2.tgz - Sourcecode (Version 2)
Download Local Copy: tuxnes-dc-0.2-bin.tgz - Binary distribution (Version 2)

Expanded NesterDC by Takayama Fumihiko

Last release: v5.0 Pre 1 on 2nd December 2001
Site: here
What's new: - The sound is close to 100% perfect.
Warning:Newer versions are available. We will update our local copies in the near future.
  • VMU font driver
  • Store Queue based video driver
  • KOS library used updated to ver1.1.5
Download: 1stread.bin only
Source Code

Boob! Emuschool Port by CyRUS64

I used this as a learning experience for porting emulators to the dreamcast.
I succeeded, but since this emulator only displayed 1 screen at most in any game, it was unreleased, and will remain like that, due to the fact it would not be worth spending week after week improving the emulator when there are other Nes projects in progress. However you can find 2 pics of the emu running Super Mario Brothers and Tennis. The old emuschool site appears to have been removed, sorry.

FrNES - Port of PNesX by Regex

Last release: v0.50 on June 15, 2001
What's new in version 0.50:
  • Supa' Slick Intro
  • VMU Support
  • SRAM Support
  • Nester DC Romdisc Compatibility
  • Tile Accelerator Renderer
  • Fullscreen Bilinear Filtering
  • Fullscreen Stretch Mode
  • Sound Support
  • Analog Stick Support
  • Configurable Controls
  • Configurable Frameskip
  • Significant Speedup
  • Improved interface
  • Better overall performance
  • Optional FPS/CPU cycle profiling
Discjuggler Image
Raw Files

Gleem! by ??? (DEAD PROJECT)

Last release: sourcecode only on April 17,2001
Site: here
Info: Mappers 1,2,3 are working. No sound, but it plays some commercial games!
SoureCode: gleamsrc-041601.tar.gz