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News Archive: October 2000

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Hi!!!!! Posted by CyRUS64 @ 18:45
Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but i am still here at university without a computer :-(
I would like to thank TheGypsy for the great work he has been doing here, and once i sort out my "finances" I will be coding lots of cool stuff again soon... (i've got a few nice ideas)
For all those who have emailed me and not had a reply, i do apologise, but if it is a sensible question/proposition please email again!

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

Custom DCs... Posted by TheGypsy @ 21:22
Well, I think I'm about to show my ultimate geekness here, I guess. But, oh well, I can take it...

Anyone done any custom DC work? I've seen some different colored LEDs installed and such. Some 3rd party shells also. Anyone done anything else? I was a little too bored with my DCs recently and did a bit of custom work. Here they are -- you can click on the image for a larger (640x480) version:


The first is just a 3rd party shell. I did that a while back. The second is my latest creation with the custom paint job.

No biggie, but I at least wanted to share my work. Something to pass the time in between significant announcements, at least. If anyone has any comments or some pics of their own custom work, feel free to let me know. If we get some decent submissions, maybe we'll add a "Customs" section. heh.

- John...

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

CDRs on future Dreamcasts? Posted by TheGypsy @ 23:09
Rumors about this have been floating around for a while now, but I did not want to post anything until I had some sort of confirmation. Today I received confirmation from two seperate reliable sources that new Dreamcasts will soon be released that do not allow CDRs to be bootable -- including the Utopia Boot Disc and self-booting apps.

Exactly when this will occur, I do not know -- but I am told that it will likely be in time for the Christmas season. Therefore, if you want to be able to boot things like Boob!boy, DCMP3, Ghetto Pong, and other hobbyist projects, be sure to have one of the "older/current" Dreamcasts. I assume that most of you reading this already do -- but still wanted to mention it in case we have any future DC buyers out there.

- John...

Oops... Boob!boy controls... Posted by TheGypsy @ 20:37
If you are trying to use Boob!boy and it seems like your controllers are dead -- you probably have more than one control pad plugged into your Dreamcast. Due to a minor bug, Boob!boy will normally use the controller in the HIGHEST numbered port -- which is probably the opposite of what you might expect. So, if Boob!boy seems unresponsive to your controller presses, try using the highest-port controller instead (or, even better, unplug the other control pads).

Thanks to cabledude and Snood for doing some quick testing on that for me.

- John...

Sunday, October 15, 2000

New Boob!boy Beta! Posted by TheGypsy @ 2:17
Someone... Anyone... Please! Release SOMETHING besides an EMU for DC! Arg! Give me something worthy to report! :(

In any case, in local Boob news... A new version of CyRUS64's Boob!boy has materialized. You can read the info here. A few excerpts from that indicate these changes:

Controller fixes:
- "down" works! :)
- switched to D-pad control
- holding a button down works (i.e. Mario jumps properly/higher now)

Other fixes/changes:
- Files can have the ".gb" extension now -- no renaming required.
- ROM images now must be in a directoty named "ROMs" -- not the root!

No emulator core changes have been made -- so games that worked last version should still work fine now. Games that didn't work before still won't work now (unless it was just a controller problem that made them unplayable).

As before, you'll need to get both of these files to burn:

Again, the release notes and instructions for burning and usage are here. Remember that you must burn as Mode 1 if you plan to boot with a boot disc.

- John...

P.S. Please do NOT email me with burn problems or Boob!boy usage problems! If you have a burn problem, try posting in the Boob Forum and see if you can find an answer there. If you have Boob!boy usage problems, suggestions, comments, bug reports, or anything else related to Boob!boy, then either post in the forum or send an email to CyRUS64 since it is his project!

Thursday, October 12, 2000

Gleam! Release... Posted by TheGypsy @ 23:35
Well, since there is no other news to share, I guess I'll have to announce (two days late again) yet another emulator release. Gleam! (a NES emulator) has been updated and the new version is available for download. Check the Gleam! site for details.

- John...

Monday, October 9, 2000

EMU Releases... Posted by TheGypsy @ 17:52
Well, those that know me know that I'm really NOT into EMUs. To be honest, I think you should just go buy the original hardware. But, in any case, to prevent people from continuing to email me about the latest EMU releases and since CyRUS would probably post the information if he was around, I guess I'll mention them here:

DreamSNES v0.9 was released on 07-Oct. It is based on Snes9X and does not include any Sega or Microsoft libraries. In other words, it is a legal, non-SDK release. DreamSNES was created by Marcus Comstedt, Peter Bortas, and Per Hedbor. Great job, guys!

In other news, Sintendo v0.02 has also been released. From what I hear, a minor fix has made it much more playable now. Check the site for the latest information.

Please remember that these are NOT Boob releases! Do not write to me to ask any questions about them! If you have problems getting them to work, burn, or anything else -- go ask them or, at least, someone besides me!

As a final reminder for those that continue to email me about it... I am not a Boob Member. I decided long ago to remain independent when it comes to DC development and declined to join Boob when I was invited to do so. I am a friend of CyRUS, however, and have therefore offered to help out a bit with the site while he is away at University. I also used Boob as my release location for GypPlay. Note that GypPlay, however, is NOT a Boob release.

- John...

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Boob!boy notes... Posted by TheGypsy @ 2:35
In CyRUS's rush to get Boob!boy out the door, he missed a few points that seem to be giving people some problems, so I'll mention them here.

First, be sure to burn as Mode 1/CDROM and NOT Mode 2/XA. Otherwise, the boot disc will not load Boob!boy.

Second, depending on when you downloaded the file, it may have everything in a subdirectory named "burn". You need to make sure that you do NOT burn a directory named "burn" onto your disc. In other words, your final disc should contain various files in the root -- along with a WinCE directory also in the root which contains various WinCE support files. You then also put your game images in the root.

Also, for those interested, you can do multisession discs and add more ROMs later. Just remember to do Mode 1/CDROM when you first start, choose multisession, and don't finalize/close the disc, of course.

Have fun!

mmm Posted by CyRUS64 @ 0:07
Here it is, but before you get too excited i'd advise you to read the boob!boy readme file which can be found here.
Don't expect anything great but if you are interested in dc emulation/development it's sort of worth checking out... i have so many ideas for improvements and i know how to do them but sadly i'm out of time :-(
Boob!boy will be back in full development asap

The files needed to use Boob!boy can be downloaded here and here.

Monday, October 2, 2000

Boob!boy Posted by CyRUS64 @ 12:37
Public release tonight... be sure to be in #boob on efnet from Midnight GMT

Sunday, October 1, 2000

Beta3 Posted by CyRUS64 @ 19:04
Boob!boy beta3 went out last night, and i've had pretty good feedback from it... as for the controllers, i'm thinking about using the digital pad as this would work better imo than the analogue stick, which is causing some problems at the moment. hopefully ill be sending out beta3b tonight for beta testers!
*Update*: I've also removed the border so that all games now run full screen, which adds to the atmosphere when playing imo... in future releases you'll be able to choose if you want the borders on or off, but only super gameboy games really use them anyway.